Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking) (Indefinite Hiatus)



I second @princecatling’s idea about soothing food = comfort food, that seems to be more distinct than ‘mild’ and doesn’t carry a bland connotation. Although, I suppose depending on who and where, comfort food could be spicy, sweet, or savoury, so perhaps that doesn’t help either. Sorry.

Dish ideas: Couscous tabouli, salad shirazi with mint, herb and cheese soufflé.


Just wanted to say I’m really liking this so far.


I shall probably remove Mild as category all together with the next update. But I’ll be adding a skill level for kinds of dishes in the sense of meat/fish/vegetables etc and the option to declare whether you are vegetarian etc.


I really like this! Poor Starlight, I already want to be her friend…also as someone who wears hijab it’s super cool to see a representation :heart_eyes:
I don’t have any problem with parent stats. For the kid, maybe you could add active vs passive? Like how much the kid likes physical activity.
For the food, well, I dig everything made by Dinara Kasko. Delicious and aesthetically pleasing :yum:




Thanks for the suggestions and the typo. Noted down for the next update.

:smiley: Happy to hear that.
(Bit about her?:

Her name’s Maryam (no surname yet, but I’m open to suggestions), Codename Sugarcoat. She’s a sugar based summoner-class hero (mean she can e.g. summon of frosting and molasses to stop or slow down criminals. She’s a rather ‘spunky’ girl, but one of the most level-headed teenagers you’ll meet in the game. Dreams of a becoming a glassblower one day.


For dish ideas one of my favorite dishes is mangu. I guess it would be savory


If I may add a suggestions, how about adding some curries ? Some of my favourite dishes have been chicken curry and pork curry. Alternatively, one of my parents favourite dish is grilled fish with chilli. I do know plenty of dishes I’ve seen or tried, holla if you want more suggestions.


Just list what you’d like to see. The next update will already expand what you could get at the station.


You know, I just remember a kind of curry dish that I luckily had a opportunity to try; it’s called a bunny chow, South African dish if I’m correct, basically you add curry inside a loaf of bread which has been cut open. Aside of that, you can add biryani, that Indian dish where you mix rice,any kind of meat (mostly been chicken and lamb for me) and spice. I’ll think of any other exotic dishes but not too extravagant.

Why do I hate myself like this?
What do you eye with the most interest?

   #All the dishes. I don't follow any specific diet or have any allergies.
      *set parent_diet "eatsall"
      *goto pickyourfood
   #The vegetarian dishes.
      *set parent_diet "vegetarian"
      *goto pickyourfood
   #The vegan dishes.
      *set parent_diet "vegan"
      *goto pickyourfood
   #The kosher dishes.
      *set parent_diet "kosher"
      *goto pickyourfood
   #The halaal dishes.
      *set parent_diet "halaal"
      *goto pickyourfood

*label pickyourfood
Anything else you pay attention to while the smell from the stand makes your stomach rumble again?
   #No. I don't have any allergies.
      *set parent_diet_alls "noalls"
      *goto pickyourfood1
   #Yes. Lactose hates my guts. Literally.
      *set parent_diet_alls "lactose"
      *goto pickyourfood1
   #Yes. Peanuts are my sworn enemy.
      *set parent_diet_alls "peanuts"
      *goto pickyourfood1
   #Yes. Seafood hates me as much as I hate it .
      *set parent_diet_alls "seafood"
      *goto pickyourfood1
   #Yes. Gluten can bugger off.
      *set parent_diet_alls "gluten"
      *goto pickyourfood1

*label pickyourfood1```

I hope you all appreciate this :wink:


Some of my favorite dishes are spaghetti with meat sauce and Galveston Chicken (spicy).


Ramen. Everything Ramen. Life is Ramen.


Finally, a WIP that satisfies both my love of food and games :heart_eyes: Excited to see where this WIP is going. Keep up the good work! :))

Roasted carrots, fennel, and red onions served with harissa sauce, black lentils, and lemon-y Greek yogurt
Moqueca - Brazilian fish/seafood stew with tomatoes, garlic, onions, cilantro, hot/sweet peppers, and coconut milk
Boeuf Bourguignon

Mochi ice cream
White chocolate peppermint cookies with vanilla salt
Semmeltårta - Swedish cream bun cake flavoured with cardamom and filled with almond paste and whipped cream

A few food blogs I follow:
My New Roots
Not Without Salt
Sprouted Kitchen
Feasting At Home
Hummingbird High
Amy Chaplin
My Name is Yeh
Food Wishes (blog), Food Wishes (YouTube channel)


Loving the WIP so far! Reading the reactions between the child and parent put a cheesy grin on my face, and the fact that you can react to what is essentially a small disaster happening near the train station in a nonchalant manner was also amusing.

The whole “cooking style” thing reminded me of a FATE sourcebook called Uranium Chef, that included Bitter and Cool (minty, as well as things like the taste of seaweed) in the mix, as well as a judging system ala Iron Chef. Maybe, taking a page from that, certain clients prefer a certain cooking style more, or have outright dislikes? That might complicate things too much, now that I think of it.

But! Dishes.

Paprikash, chicken or otherwise.
Creamy polenta, either served on a side or as a bed for meats and veggies, such as chickpeas, olives and mushrooms.
Bulgogi. Beef is the most popular, but any meat is usable. Overlaps with spicy.


Thank you to everyone for the food suggestions :smiley: (more are, of course, welcome)

Next update is ready, just waiting for a response from another author concerning a few shout-outs to their game and whether or not it is A-OK for me to make them.

In any case the next update will bring additional 5k words per playthrough, introduce some ROs and give you the possibility to learn more about Cornucopia.


Hm… Shout outs… in a superhero game about life in a small city…

I have a feeling I know what’s being referenced, and if I’m right, I 1000% approve.


You probably are. As said, waiting for a response.


Okay, updated with part of the first possible location to visit.

Please test to see if everything is in order and if something needs to be changed. (bug, grammar, etc)

Also, please give feedback.

Thank you

(PS: Yeah, the shout out is there and will get removed if the author is not okay with it)

EDIT: known errors: there’s an *if error when you assume you kid wont talk to Starlight. Will fix that asap, not on comp atm

EDIT 2: Fixed this and a few punctation errors.


On the restaurant I ordered tea but it mentions coffee


I got a similar scene when I ordered juice but it somehow turned into coffee.