Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking) (Indefinite Hiatus)



Are there going to be flashbacks and/or scenes about our previous marriage? Like how we met, what was our life like, childhood scenes etc. Also does the previous spouse have a set personality based on our previous marital status or it is open for us to imagine? Aaand how old is the child and the child ROs :laughing:


Will there be sections from the kid’s POV?


Yes, sorta.
No, they don’t have a set personality as such, but you’ll see :wink:
The child’s age is between 15-17 and you’ll be able to set it with the next update.
As for the others:
Marcus: 16 (May 30th Gemini)
Francis: 16-17 (August 29th, Virgo)
Trudie: 15-16 (October 12th, Libra)
Izzy: 16 (March 26th, Aries)

Birthdays to follow.


EDIT: birthdays added


What did you decide on the vulgarity issue?


Altered it. it’s down to one f*ck and one douchbag in the scene in question now.


If I pick that I my family is mad at me because I decided to have a raise a child by myself does that mean my mc had a kid with someone they didnt have a relationship with or that it was artificial insemination? I thought it was going to be that I adopted. Or is it whatever the player thinks? Sorry, I picked the option thinking it was going to be an adoption because I don’t feel comfortable with my mc giving birth but then it mentioned the other parent but then I thought that even if it mentioned the other parent it could still be an adoption.


Will there be a option to brew our own (non)alcoholic drinks and give em fancy names?


Don’t worry. If you picked that the kid was adopted or that there is no spouse at all, the scene mentioned will play out accordingly.
And yes, mentioning the other parent when you picked adoption (I’ll make a note to reword things a bit to make it clearer) means you know the kid’s biological parents.

Not in this installment.


Another tiny headsup:
Thanks for the questions, it really helped with the writer’s block.
Problem now is the opposite: I had expected the plainstory (no branching) to be about 5-6k words for this part.
I’m at 5k now and the storypoint I wanted to reach is nowhere in sight yet.
So, yeah, expect this one to be a bit bigger (keep in mind, all of this is still prologue)

Edit: almost 7k plainstory. And we’re still not at the party.
What am I doing?!
(Lesley and Jennifer are darlings, though)


Okay, 1/3 of the next update is done coding (4500 words plainstory, 6k with code).
So, poll time:
Update it now as xmas gift or wait till it’s all done?

  • Update now, please.
  • Don’t update till this part is done.
  • Other (please comment)

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Much as I would like another Christmas present, I think it would be best to hold off until the current chapter/branch is finished before updating.
By the way is this the first section we get to play from the POV of the kid?


It isn’t. The current bit goes till you can name your cafe, the next bit will be the odds and ends of trying to enter the show. Then comes the kid’s first chapter.


I think the community has spoken. I’ll try to get everything done asap, though I doubt it’ll be before new years eve.

What to expect

  • Set your kid’s age
  • Meet a very unpleasant person
  • run into familiar faces
  • break into your own house
  • go to a fancy party (and manage to get suitable clothes)
  • meet the woman who might hold the key to your future


Don’t stress over it, get it done right, I think that was part of the poll. Now, of course, don’t go on extended vacation either, but, you know, do like a tree and balance? :crazy_face:

Uh oh, I thought we already had, so you’re saying this will be worse… :scream:

Breaking news! Burglar steals from themselves, police clueless!

I thought the Keymaster was a short guy? I hope our fridge won’t go freaky on us. :zipper_mouth_face:


It’s still the same unpleasant person.

although i’m rather worried that this part might feel rather dragging :confused:


Thank goodness, one is enough, no? :sweat_smile:

As for the rest, we shall see - although I doubt it will. :relaxed:


This entire update’s going to be one big ‘spot the reference’


Woohoo cannot wait for like 90% refrences to go over my head and go through comment. section to read em and pretend i understood it


Cooking and Superpowers all in one setting? I’m in love with this game already. :heart_eyes:


Quick request:
Could you folks take a screenshot of your stats at the end of the current demo, post it and say what sort of character you were going for?
I’m currently adjusting stats contribution, so that’d be very helpful.
Also: is it clear what these stats are meant for or not?
Thank you.