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Hmmm…I’d value the higher rating, even if I try to limit my use of traditional swear words in daily life. But that’s because of what I do and because they tend to cheapen any arguments one makes.
For some characters it would be very appropriate. Where I grew up there certainly used to be lots of people who talked like that around, so if done well it could add verisimilitude.
I’ve never noticed the super-rich indulging in that sort behaviour as gratuitously, but then I’m first of all from continental Europe and secondly I’m not really privy to the private lives of such people.
In the US you’ve got the current president who is of course a billionaire and who seems to delight in violating every norm and taboo he can. Going of off that it would seem possible to have Haggerty, particularly the Jonathan version (seeing how guys can still get away with more deviant and aberrant behaviour) tend to talk as an f-bomb, despite being part of the ultra-rich.


I grew up in a military family … SNAFU, FNG, and most every type of curse word you can think of and then some was used - Ironically, a Navy diver, was one of the first people who amazed me, to the point I was speechless. I don’t even recall what exactly he said but my sister remembers it and tells it often enough to embarrass me.

And here in the US it is a generational thing… people growing up in the 1990’s and later use more vulgarity in every day speech … except in court and other bastions of conservatism. The rich kids were no different then their peers in every day life for me, especially when drunk, high or wasted.


Even though we’re a less class segregated and stratified society then say Britain, vulgarity still tends to go up as wealth goes down. It tends to be least among people in certain professions, such as both of mine and those who really have a reputation to safeguard. In a way I’m thankful for that as say mr. Wilders openly indulging in the sort of language Trump uses and tweets out on a daily basis would still sink him fast.
Of course it is also a generational thing, though it seems we’re a generation behind the US as I’d say over here it seems to be mostly people born in the early 21st century who really do tend to talk much more “informally” in their daily lives and that, like in the US, is a cross-class phenomenon.

But then my life ironically does revolve around the two greatest bastions of conservatism, being the courts and parliament. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

When I was observing the mechanics at my local garage, because I had to wait for them to do a minor repair on my car the other day, I did overhear even the grey-haired, older mechanics using a word or two that would have gotten me an official reprimand if one of the senior partners or a judge would have heard me uttering it during working hours.


Okay, I did a count for the scene: (swearing ahead)

2 x f*ck, 2 x arse, 2 x asshole, 4 x bloody, 4, bastard/twat, 1 jerk/hag, 8 x douchebags


I personally err on the side of keeping profanity out. Not due to ratings or anything, but because even a small amount of profanity can ruin the gravity of a particular scene.

@MeltingPenguins Seems Haggerty is a colorful individual in two different senses of the word. I don’t personally see a problem with it, since the game isn’t necessarily a kids’ game and you’re specifically establishing Haggerty to be petty.


It’s not Haggerty who’s swearing. Which is a bit of a whole new dilemma: As it is the player losing their cool over them, how estranging might it be for some players.


I think it’s most estranging if a player is forced to swear. So maybe the option to tell Haggerty off more politely could be included? Expressions of anger don’t necessarily need to include swearing.


I concur with this, Jonathan can talk however he likes, he still wouldn’t use those words to the guy’s face.
He might use, arse/asshole, twat and jerk when discussing him with his relatively mature son and other friends at private locations however.
That F-word he wouldn’t use under almost any circumstances, at worst he might tell Jonathan to “go screw himself”, douchebag is also a word my mc would probably try to avoid under any circumstances.

Now deliberately calling him “princess” or another nickname that riles the guy up is much more likely.


The amount of swearwords is tied to your rude/polite stat. This is what you hurl at them when you ultimately lose it:

High Polite stat

“Will you ever shut your mouth, you horrible person?!” you cut him/her off, standing arms akimbo, chin raised. “If it’s torturing you so, so much that you do not know every detail about a complete stranger’s business, Mister/Missy, then be glad I am having a good day. I’ll tell you. I am the new owner of what you oh-so-respectfully called a ‘piece of garbage’. And going by what I see before me, I doubt you are in any position to call anyone or anything that.”

High Rude stat

“Oh shut the hell up, you bloody bastard/twat!” you finally lose it, standing arms akimbo, chin raised. “One, it’s none of your business. And two, if you really, really are so bloody interested in my bloody private life: I am the new owner of that ‘piece of garbage’. But, fuck, as if you have any right to call anyone or anything that!”

If you are a rather rash person

Without thinking much about it, you grab one of the bottle and throw it at his/her head. “You wanna know why I’m asking?!” you finally lose it. "Can tell you, you obnoxious arse. I own that Café, thank you very much. And now shut up!"
That horrendous man/woman falls silent (like the rest of the shop), eyes pressed shut, hand on where you hit him/her and wincing a little in pain. You couldn’t care less.


Or say something artistic such as " Don’t think of me too much …i would hate to know that you end up loving me more than you hate me in the end…Lol" , Nothing best the pure Poetry in the face of your foe(s)…Lol


in the end…you gave in, M.Penguins.

I have to hide my memes

“Just look at that smug face. Absorb the smug emanating from his cheeky smile. Let his smug flow through you. In fact, this level of smug has never been achieved before by anyone” -SUB JANI, Marine. MIA


Mind not to call me that? Yes, it’s my name, yes it appears here and in the game, but, would you kindly not?

EDIT: MP or Meeps will do


as Meep the bipedal, furry, friendly, highly intelligent, and lovable creature about the size of a large Persian Cat that has just been zapped by static?..nice




well, multiple of them, if you must, but otherwise no


aww it’s stat-based? i’m playing a polite mc but she won’t hesitate to swear when pissed :blush:


unflappable, careful and polite are the key stats here.

Though i’ll have a lot of stat adjusting to do still


Bit in a writing-void atm.
Ask stuff to get my writingpowers flowing again, that’d be much appreciated :slight_smile:


Quick question:what exatly Is schfapudel? I used my most trustworthy info source and it came up with food. She couldn’t be keeping noodles as a pet…not that i mind…


This is one.


Awewee its sooo cute,truly worthy of a name fluffy