Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking) (In-depth feedback requested on 1086)



Will we potentially be able to hire that one pyro or other applicable former/current supers as a option for our store or maybe do super ad campaigns?


Heatstroke works mainly at APORIA, the food stall at the station is her helping out a friend.
But otherwise, I don’t have anything planned in that regard…
Yet :wink:


This sounds weird


Thanks. Noted. I’ll fix it with the big update :3


“Square face, high cheekbones, thin lips, curly chestnut brown with an undercut…You’d not be surprised if he’d be wearing ‘hipster’ glasses. At least he’s not as gaunt as that one british actor.”

Who is the gaunt actor?


In this case? It’s referencing Cumberbatch


Just wanted to say how freaking awesome this story is so far! And I’m already emotionally invested into the story and characters.



What do you people think The Gloom is like? (Look, feel, stuff that can happen there)


I imagine it something like the Nothing from the Neverending Story. The Gloom sounds as scary as it. :confounded:


A wall of dark clouds, forming a circle around the area with a heavy storm inside


What if I tell you The Gloom can be entered? What would you expect to encounter


I would expect a desolated land surounded by never ending purple storm


With a huge and ominous building inside


And prob bunch of lovecraftian looking creatures roaming around


I imagine a storm, yeah. Kinda like the thing in Choice of Rebels, that deforms people. Forget what it’s called though :sweat_smile: because that game is hard and it stresses me out


Niiice ideas =D
And only few close to it :wink:


I’m not sure what it’d look like, but I would expect the x-files theme to always be subtly playing in the background.

But on a more serious note, I’d expect to see MC Escher-esque sort of subtly impossible environments, maybe. Probably with ample fog.


A place in a constant state of fog with a constant light pressure on my head as things of our darkest pits of our mind leek out to torment us and the world alike here.

The place sounds like it is powered by those that enters it.
Anything here is our fears, depression and apathy made manifest into the real.( in theory)

Edit: or a place filled with a certain Pokémon…:smirk:


Maybe it’s like Shadowfell (or Shadow Realm) from Dungeons and Dragons, in feeling at least.As for looks, I’d wager the changes from how it was before are subtle enough to play with one’s head and instill a feeling of wrongness.


One description is
“It is the toxic plane of darkness and power.
It is the hidden place that hates the light.
It is the frontier of worlds unknown”

And another from the wiki page
“The most striking and immediate impression a visitor to the Plane of Shadow experienced was the lack of color and light; no sun, moon, or stars adorned the vault of the inky black sky, and all things looked as if the color had leeched out…”

Or we’re all reading too much into it and it’s not such a bad place after all (eternal optimist)


Green ruins, in the desolate walls of antique palaces, where Man hath been

Just kidding.

I imagine it having an atmosphere like a ghost town. Everything still in place, remains of what was there before the Gloom enveloped it, but with the experience of being in a sensory deprivation room. :’)