Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking) (In-depth feedback requested on 1086)



Odd that. It should be there. Ill check if something went wrong with the code later on (its 1 am here) thanks

EDIT: okay, fixed the bit. But:

Seeing this is the bit from the unplanned pregnancy option, this will likely get altered later to account for it having been a regular pregnancy, meaning egg and sperm have to have been provided by the parties involved. Gonna discuss this with peeps first to smooth things out.


This game got me very interested so fast. You’re doing a great job :slight_smile:
I loved the idea of a parent MC and that you can control the kid, you don’t see a parent MC in most cyoas around here. What age would the kid be?


Either 15, 16, or 17 (you choose).


Thank you :slight_smile:

As for the age:
What Isabella said.
The age will have a couple of effects down the line, such as how people react to the kid.


Yup, ‘they’ has been used in English to refer to a single person already in the 14th century. :relaxed: (Such as Shakespeare and in Cursor Mundi (e.g. row 62), which uses þer, it being Middle English.)

English is fascinating, as is language history as a whole.


Stuff has happened, so I’m putting things on hiatus again.


Ahh…sad to hear that, hope things get better soon!


Doubt it this time.


Good luck, we understand. :blush:


It’s alright. Take your time.


Thanks to all.
This might seriously take a bit longer than last time ._.

Though if anyone has questions/feedback, go ahead and ask. I’ll try.


Been in such a place where it all looks bleak, so please do take all the time you need. We’ll be here, eagerly yet patiently waiting for some more delicious cuisine. :relaxed:


I’ve noticed that my reaction to reading about the Mr. Prince character is different from how the other characters react to him. (Some information: I chose not to try entering the cafe, I chose not to sit with him at the museum, I chose to check on the woman.) I wouldn’t have known that he is meant to be seen as sinister if not for one of your comments and the reaction of the son/daughter character and the parent character. Two examples are the son/daughter character always saying he is “creepy” and the choice menu with only hostile choices, including a death threat. My impression is that he was honestly trying to be friendly, maybe that he might be lonely. I feel sorry for him in the scene where he approaches the family after the parent-character-goes-unconscious-again incident, especially when I am expected to choose from that choice menu, twice. He seems harmless to me. It might help if the reasons I’m supposed to judge him as too “creepy” were more obvious, or maybe the parent can have a choice to end the conversation politely.


I’ll make a note of this, and once possible I can rework things.

EDIT: Alright, alternate scene (code) below.


The man chuckles. “Neither did I, !{parent_address} !{lastname} @{(gf_parent = “true”) . It was $!{parent_address}, today, correct?”| ."}
“Nicholas Prince.” the man introduces himself, sweeping a light bow. “I hope your day’s been going well? Did everything work out as it should with the keys?”
“You seem interested in the cafe, Mr Prince,” you say, brow quirked. “Very interested.”
Mr Prince laughs. “What can I say? The old thing holds a special place in my heart.”
Oh, hold on a second… when did you… how did he…

You glance towards {kid_firstname}, who's looking at you rather disturbed, mouthing [i]'Let's move'[/i]. *line_break You nod at {kidthem} carefully.
“Is something the matter?” Mr Prince asks, noticing your look.

I could go and alter the bit in the technology exhibit too


Wow. That was HIGHLY entertaining. Hats off! Awesome dialogue, great choices, and very humorous. I think the genre blending is genius!


I’m being sorta back on track.
Currently writing the last two possibilities at the museum (featuring Marcus and Starlight), and fiddling with the code for the cooking contest.

So: any more q&a questions?
Faceclaims? Comments so far :slight_smile:


No I don’t, but while looking for faceclaims I looked up “teenage redheads” and I would NOT recommend that.

So, anyway… :neutral_face:


Oh dear.

Well… i can as well reveal who is the faceclaim for my “placeholder” MC while writing:


Fanart? Yay or nay?

i also don’t know why i want some of possible background characters to be named after edible things. (i blame Gourmet Hound for this urge.)


Fanart is always yay =D
(As for the second thing… with all the puns and innuendoes in the game… might that be too much? What d’ye people think?)