Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking) (FanArt Contest VOTE on 1725)


Omg. Rack & Pinion?!? You are too good at this! Reading the update now…you are hilarious. Your episode names along w super hero names are brilliant :heart: this is not necessarily constructive…i just enjoy you. Be right back.

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Ooook so. So far YAY! I have always thought your game had a smooth dialogue flow, but your minor adjustments have made it even more realistic, which I hadnt initially even considered! I think i have said this before, but your parent/child relationship in CC is not only unique, but maybe my fav relationship in the handful of IFs I loooooove…it is just really natural and genuine. I never doubt it. (I also really dig your trans character. The 2 games that really nail a well rounded character [who happens to be trans] for me is yours and Diaspora…anyway…) There is one spot, however that always sticks out to me and maybe i am not reading the scene properly…but I dont understand the choice of whether to be “humiliated” or even “embarrassed” when finally opening your mystery PO BOX. I cant imagine being either considering the unique circumstances…any normal human being would be nervous/anxious/excited/trepidatious…buy humiliated or embarassed…before even knowing whats there? I am not sure i get it? If it wasnt a choice I wouldnt mention it - but those are the only. Choices



I shall check the scene in question.
It might be a typo, it could be that I made a logical leap while writing. I’ll see to it. Brb

Alright, i can’t find what you mean @Jender
Unless you mean the bit at the beginng where you speak to the clerk?

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Yep. This is meant as: you’ve been so sunken in thoughts that you didn’t notice it’s your turn and now you are holding up the entire line and people are miffed at you.



Ohhhhhh snap. Gotcha! Thanks!



I’ll add a bit to make it clearer later. Thanks for bringing it up.

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MiniVote Time:

Which looks better?
The right one would be a solid butterfly, the other filigree work.

These might potentially be made into RL merch if there’s interest (and funding) so maybe both? (right would be easier for pins, left for shirts)

  • Left, filigree one is better
  • Right, solid one is better
  • Both are good depending on what they’ll be used for
  • Neither (comment please)

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i admit that i want a mug with the logo on the right.



Almost 10k clicks on the game ;_; people i’m crying here, thank you



New Character Mini-Bio Poll: Genderfluid Edition:

  • Izzy
  • Lesley
  • Kaleydoscope
  • Cambiare
  • Artemis

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Updated the character overview. We cracked 100 names I think :smiley:



Short one this time, as Artemis is a bit of a mystery to me.


Name: ?? McKechnie
Codename: Artemis
Gender: genderfluid; non-binary leaning (amab)
Age: 26
DoB: ??
Race: white
Hair: black (with purple or ice blue streaks)
Eyes: light green
Height: 6’4
FaceClaim: Gavin Fink
Costume: A black and silver longcoat, black domino mask

Artemis is the self-proclaimed threshold between Powered Individuals and Hero-dom. Which translates to them being the receptionist at APORIA’s Assessment Unit. They are snarky as all Hell, have no nerve for ignorance, but are usually good natured. Maybe they enjoy winding people up a little too much.

The higher-ups at APORIA might be the only ones (besides Artemis’ parents) who know Artemis’ first name (though there’s speculation that Artemis IS their first name).

They’re a skilled weapon-summoner and telekinetic, but tend to overstep lines on a regular basis, getting them into trouble with people like Switchblade often enough. Nevertheless they are part of Unit 11, SPIRID’s most… peculiar team.



10k clicks

Hooray =D

Okay… errr… Q&A time?

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  1. Author’s favorite food (specific), drink (specific) and cuisine/food group (like pastries, grilled meats etc.)?

  2. Most likely to get so involved in boardgames?


  1. I’m a bit of a picky eater, but noodles, meat (pork roasts), rice with satay or curry sauce (still need to make my own of either), most things non-alcoholic, and … pastries and grilled meats is already spot on.

  2. If we do count Pen & Paper as boardgame… Francis.



Gonna push back the Q&A etc back a bit.
My grandpa just died :frowning:



Oh no I am so sorry! Much love to you and your fam :heart:



Thank you…

deep breath

In happier news: I’m at 4k words for the next act, meaning alpha testing begins soon

And I just saw that we have our first entry for the Cameo Contest:

<3 <3



Oh my. My condolences to you and to your family.