Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking) (FanArt Contest VOTE on 1725)


Thankies =D
(In case of doubt, could you ask her if its okay for her name to be in the credits and then give me her name via pm?)
EDIT: Admittedly ‘vale’ threw me for a loop a little. I only (vaguely) remember it meaning ‘to leave’ or something… what’s the root (not nagging, just being at a loss)



Hi, I’m at home right now so I can’t really get a direct answer. I’ll ask her tomorrow though, I hope that’s fine.

To be honest, we weren’t so sure for “empower” either. Just for context my first language is French and she’s my French teacher. The thing is in French there really isn’t an equivalent for that word so searching in a FR to Latin dictionary for example was a bit more complicated. I’m gonna try and see if tomorrow we can think of a better alternative since I’m not so sure about it either. Though I know it’s “Vale” because it’s conjugated (like the other two) I remember the whole verb being quite different actually. I don’t remember the infinitive though, sorry.

Also, I can ask her but I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t want credits haha. It’s nice of you to think about it though!




Mhn, my french is as rusty as my latin, but I think it’d be:
comprende, protégere, habiliter



In French it’s comprendre, protéger and I guess habiliter is interesting but I don’t think that’s it (you got the other two right though so you’re not that rusty!). We were thinking of something more along the lines of “donner du pouvoir” since we couldn’t think of a fitting verb.

EDIT: Habiliter could fit certain situations as a replacement for empowering but it really depends on what meaning of empowering you’re going for. I assumed it was the meaning of the word that had less to do with legal actions. If it’ s the other way around then habiliter doesn’t seem bad. Still, you’re looking for Latin not French lol.

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Empower in the sense of giving someone the means and resources (from moral support to physical things like money etc) to prosper



Okay so I talked with her today and turns out that Vale also means “be well” (or as she said in French “Porte-toi bien”) it’s somewhat close but not really what you were looking for I think.

She wrote my name on her agenda and said she’ll look into it so I’ll probably come back to you at some point with an alternative.

Other than that, she was to my surprise actually really happy about being asked for credits so I’ll pm you her name lol.



Thank you once again =D



New poll:

  • Fern
  • Lesley
  • Winnifred
  • Kaleydoscope
  • Audley
  • La Mode
  • Izzy

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Expect the next update on the weekend, people :slight_smile:




Update (January 17 2018)


  • Chapter 2, Act 1: Hairy, Hairy, quite contrary.
  • A couple (not all) paths in the Bonus intro now conclude the Intro.
  • Bonus notes should now be complete. (Unless I overlooked something)


  • Overhauled stat distribution throughout the game
  • Added various new variables
  • Overhauled the APORIA guide (It’s still incomplete though)
  • Overhauled the cafe scene, it should flow a little smoother now
  • A couple of NPCs will now react to you sharing a name with them. (Will later on add this for more)
  • It’s no longer possible for the kid to have the same name as a kid npc.

Note: I changed the save-game handle, so you’ll have to start a game from scratch. (Which would be recommended anyway, seeing how much was changed in terms of stats and variables)

Average PlayThrough (MainGame) 47k words

Average PlayThrough (Bonus) 2300 words

There might still be some typos and left-over Author’s Notes from the test version that slipped through.

Thank you towards my alpha testers, you folks are great <3 <3



Should anyone have any trouble with Tipeee (the patreon thing) please let me know.

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Looking forward to this, your interdimensional chef who also a single parent of A moody superpower teenager. How could I not be?. Just have to ask would the story go into detail how the recipes?

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In a sense, yes.
There will be descriptions of what you do, but not detailed.

And to everyone, a note on the patreon thing:
You have to sign up, then first pick “my payment options” under account, then go to the page, pick your reward and confirm the reward.

It might be a bit tricky, but I promise it’ll be worth it. See you there.

Edit: i was thinking, if the patreon/tipeee thing works out and I can get a working comp, I could do livestreams of the CuCu characters in sims 3 or 4



New Fanart Contest

(Because recent developments inspired me and I thought: Why the hell not?)


  • Digital and Traditional Art is okay
  • Must either be a character, scene or a design for the potential prize character.
  • Everyone can enter.
  • Contest runs until the end of February or March if we have less than 4 entries.
  • Submit entries either by posting them here or via PM.


  • Get to name one of the generals of either Scorn, the Jade Empress, Automatona or the EMPeror, and pick their power. This will be a reoccuring character the MC will fight.

Yes, this is about getting to name and flesh out a villain.

Godspeed, and have mercy on us.



I am terrible at “computer art” buuuut here are my Ian and Haggerty (the 2 dudes i am already drawn to)


I will romance them both

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I admittedly fan girl the F OUT over Superheroes…but am attracted to nerds. I cant help it.

“Nerds” is so old school and dumb…i dig dudes who are funny/witty and can write and act/sing (aka are talented). You will see this pattern in my celeb crushes… Jemaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords), Noel Fielding (Mighty Boosh), Tim Minchin, Jack Black (Tenacious D), Peter Dinklage

I sneak them into most of the cog’s i play…even though most want blonde muscular types…NOPE…i will celeb crushes regardless of your descriptions SO THERE!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Nice choices :3 (though can’t count them as entries, sorry)

On the topic of the contest, here’s two other villain-generals, to give you people an idea of what you’re working with:

Shrike & Red Queen

Codename: Shrike
Name: Unknown
Gender: male (cis)
Race: White
Age: thirties
Association: Unknown (Scorn (rumored))

Appearance: Shrike is an Animal-Chimeran with features of his namesake. He appears mostly human except for the grey-white feathers at the side of his head, the black streak across his eyes (unknown if paint, skin or feathers)) and the bird-leg-like lower arms and taloned hands. Shrike also sports a set of wings, with the left having been ‘mended’ through implants.

Otherwise Shrike appears as a 5’11 tall white male with short-cropped copper hair. He’s lean but muscles, usually sporting plum cargopants, a lavender-gray sleeveless turtleneck and black combat boots.

Rating: Level 7, Erebos
Powers: Flight, sharp talons. Enhanced reflexes, trained combatant (has been proven to live up to his namesake. Be careful)

Codename: Red Queen
Name: Unknown
Gender: Unknown (female (cis) according to captured underlings)
Race: Unknown
Age: thirties
Association: Unknown (Jade Empress (rumored))

Appearance: The Red Queen appears like an almost 7’ tall, impossibly thin woman with snow-white skin. It’s not clear if this is due to albinism, make-up or if she’s any kind of Chimeran.

The lower half of her face is covered in an elaborate bronze-and-copper mask that extends from a broad collar-piece, while her eyes gain an unreal sunken in look from eccessive pitch black make up.

She’s wearing an equally elaborate red, tight robe with wide lower sleeves.

The Red Queen does not speak.

Rating: Level 9, Adikia
Power: Teleport or short-distance flight/leaping, typho- & toxikenesis, rumored telekinesis.



Ohhhh badass!!!

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By digital art do you count photo-manipulated art?



No sorry, photo manip (under 75% own work) are out. Sorry