Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking) (FanArt Contest VOTE on 1725)


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Edit: About the fanart contest

So far we have 1 (one) submission.

If you want to participate please hand in your pieces by the end of october.
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Last day to hand in your submission.

We have two by now =D



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Well, here are the lovely entries:

Number 1 from @Abe


And number 2 from @Prism_Stars

Thank you for participating, and Happy Voting:

  • Number 1 by Abe
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I love look on both of art work

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Small early head’s up:

The next update will take quite a while, as Act 6 will feature the following:

1. Setting the MC’s age
2. Getting a ‘teaser’ for all the possible plotline (and ROs) to pick from as the parent
3. Talking quite a bit about the MC’s life and spouse

yeah, that’s going to be some coding work and quite a bit of alpha testing



Yey! i admit that i’m a little excited do more backstory with my parent!MC.

i’m also interested on what those plotlines will be.



Slight change of plans, the setting the rest fir the spouse has been moved to ch4. It wirks better that way because it would have required too much suspension of disbelied



That’s alright. i didn’t mind if we get just a glimpse of the past.



I promise the wait will be worth it =)



Massive spoilers ahead for that part of the story (click to see text, spoilers unmarked):


Right now I am making plans for how and in what combination to allow for the Bonus Mc to be the other parent:

  • If the kid is adopted the player would set this in the Bonus when talking to an NPC about things.
  • It gets trickier when the kid was the result of an unplanned pregnancy. If there’s no contact, it’d be very bitterly set in the Bonus as well.
    If the parent MC caused an unplanned pregnancy, this would mean the Bonus MC would know their name, so, I’m probably scratching that, as it’d mean the Bonus MC would blissfully ignore their kid’s other parent being on the local news and television.
  • Similar if there had been contact between the parent MC and the other parent if the kid was artificially conceived.
  • As of now it won’t be possible to have been married to the bonus MC, because that would mean they’d have lied to th parent MC since forever.

Also, I am toying with having a variable to indicate, well, what’s in the MCs’ pants. It’d be mostly for the purpose of checking things if both adult MCs are nonbinary, agender or genderfluid.

Any thoughts and ideas?



That seems like a lot of work and effort and I wish you the best <3

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<3 thank you.
I think I’ll restrict having the bonus mc as other parent to unknown/no contact spouses. I miiiiight have a plan for how to do that if the bonus mc ‘provided’ the uterus.

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When you say “allow for the Bonus MC to be the other parent”, is that something that happens automatically when the conditions allow? Or is it something you choose, similar to how we choose the main MC’s background?

I don’t know about other players, but I already sort of have a picture in my head of who the Bonus MC and the other parent are/were. So the Bonus MC being the other parent would conflict a bit with my headcanon.

But that’s more of an immersion thing, really. Though (imo) it also depends when in the story this is revealed. If it’s revealed more to the beginning (of the bonus story, that is) there would be more time to adjust to it? If that makes sense?

Again, I don’t know if other players share my thoughts on this. For me, it’s just that as soon as I create/control/customise a character, I already have half of their background planned lol

Not that whole thing would apply to my MCs, with my spouse being dead and all haha unless they faked their death :eyes: :eyes:

That being said, I do like the idea as a whole. Don’t let my concerns discourage you from it :slight_smile:

As for checking what’s in the MC’s pants:

I think I remember seeing a poll somewhere here on the forum asking if non-binary people where ok with that sort of question (with it also being used to discern if biological children were possible). And if I remember correctly the majority (maybe like 65 to 35?) was ok with it. Don’t take my word for it, though.

Jeez, sorry for the wall of text. I get carried away sometimes haha



There’ll be a check if certain variables match.

As of now the plan is to have it go like this(for example, if the kid is adopted)

You play the bonus (which you can buy after playing the maingame once and then decide upon restart if you want to play it first or start the maingame directly) and say at one point you had a kid and gave it up for adoption in the bonus.

If you then set the kid in the maingame’s adopted plus some other things, you can find that their biological parent is the bonus mc.

there’s several variables that would have to match, even more so when it was an unplanned pregnancy or articificially done.



Oh that sounds like a really cool system! I didn’t even think about that things could work a bit differently in the full release.

Btw, will the choice to determine whether the kid is adopted or not ever be implemented for all the backgrounds? Or is that something you are planning on leaving ambiguous?

'Cause in my case my MC and spouse were in a cis same sex relationship, so I assume the kid would have to be adopted (unless I’m really stupid and missing something).

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Those are the bits I’m fiddling with atm (there might come a massive overhaul of the backstory bits of act 1 least I find a way to make things smoothly now.)

Though, I might have it that lesley asks if the kid was adopted/etc if you were in a same sex relationship… The question on the train was (in the end) more about who’s been a thorn in your side.

I’ll see what I can do.

EDIT: so it could technically go that lesley asks if the kid was adopted or anything and this could lead to the bonus mc being their biological parent



You know, I’ve never thought I would be interested in cooking plots, but you and your story changed that.

It is clear you put a lot of thought and effort into both the coding and the plotting. One can aspire to have your dedication :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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Thank you very much :smiley:
I’ll do what I can.

Aaand: Weekly Progress Report:

  • I’m at 6k words with code for Act 6 now. So roughly half way there.
  • Added a couple of new variables
  • once this act is done I will slow down on the maingame and focus on the bonus.
  • Chapter 2 will also introduce the cooking mechancis.


Quick question:
I originally intended that the player can rename the cafe.
But now it has pretty much become a character in its own right.

Would it be okay if the character just muses about a different name, but ultimately decides to keep the name “timeless”?