Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking) (FANART CONTEST on 1314)



I’ll see what I can do.

EDIT: Important question:

Working on the bonus chapter, and am wondering if I should include Aetherkinesis and RealityWarping as powers.

Aetherkinesis would allow for very powerful blasts, but can harm the user severely.
Reality Warping allows for minor alterations to the world around, but won’t work if the user tries to shift things to a reality in which the warping would not work (due to contradicting factors, like having someone survive while achieving something that’d have required their death)


Made some important changes to some ROs:

Switchblade is now 35 and a cis guy
FreezeFrame is now a trans guy

Switchblade is also still an a**hole.


Sorry, but I finally fully ran out of motivation to work on this at all. It’s various factors, some connected with IRL stuff (both personal and general) some with CoG related stuff.

I don’t know if I’ll continue one day.
I doubt it though.
@moderators close please


@MeltingPenguins Hope you can find it again. PM me if you change your mind.


Re-openened at author’s request.


We’re back, my friends.

Just in time for Francis’ upcoming birthday (on the 29th) have a greatly overhauled game.

(See the first post for details)


Cool, you are making a good game.


Wooo it’s going to be amazing !


It’s alive. It’s ALIVE
Ohhh I have never felt so jolly.
It is good to have you back


So anyone why type of food would you like to make? I would love go for sugar and chocolate and coffee and maybe poetry and teatre in direct.


Happy to be back.

I hope you’ll enjoy the game.
and give plenty feedback


YES! Oh man, I’m so happy!!





YES!!! (20 cheering characters)


I am happy that Curious Cuisine is back
my head blow up with perfetti with happiness


Does the town have a curfew?


Do you mean during Nightfall?


Yeah like people have to be in doors by a certain time


I hope there will no vampires then lol. But could be cool evade a curfew. Also sexy vampires are always welcome :wink:


Nightfall i mean. Capital N.
Otherwise no.