Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking) (FANART CONTEST ENTRIES & VOTING on 1405)



Haggerty is now one of the judges. Though… mnnn… mnnhnnn >}


GODS TAKE THEM!! My plans have been foiled again, must you hurt me so? How will I dazzle them and then rub it in their faces now? Back to scheming…


You will see >:} trust me


I shall try and finish ch1 with the next update, so it will take a while. :smiley:


Alright, went over my notes. Allow me to add the following to the list of what to expect next update:

  • Expanding the description of food
  • Expanding/Overhauling the cafe visit.

The first chapter might easily reach 200k words with code… wth


Now, as that will take quite a while, let’s do another Q&A, shall we?


i know you have an age range for the parent in mind but is it ok to increase the other end of it? (my dad had me, who is the eldest, at thirty so he was in his mid-40s during my mid-teens)


I can see about it. Don’t want to have too big an age gap with some parent ROs.


Understandable. Does 45 sit well with you?


I’m currently overhauling the NPCs ages (not the teenagers, they’re fine):

Heatstroke : 33
Ian: 34
???: 44
???: 39
Lesley: 36-37
Haggerty: 45

so, yeah, 45 would fly


Would it be too much of a spoiler if you would reveal some snippets about Haggerty family?

From a potential path if romanced (TW: suicide, abuse, racism)

Fay takes a long draw on her cigarette, blowing smoke into the nightsky.
“You can talk, you know the 50s from movies,” she suddenly blurts out, leaning on the railing.
You blink confused.
“Movies, history books, all that watered down shit that remains, all that stupid nostalgia that tries to push everything bad under the carpet. Good thing that’s stopping more and more. But you’ll never…” she takes a draw from her cigarette again. “Do you know when I was born? 1922. Yes, I’m a slider. And the Lord above knows that was the first good thing to happen to me after my first husband died.”
You lean back, looking at her, and giving her a nod.
“Married when I was just 18. Mike was a blessing. Kind, caring, supportive. His dad had this big company Mike would inherit. I hit the motherlode. Mike went into war a month after we got married. Came home a broken man. PTSD and shit. But he was still the kindest soul you could imagine. Then his dad died, he got the company. Always told me he couldn’t do it without me. Always supported me and I supported him. We were what you’d call ‘ahead of our time’. He was the best thing to happen to me. His only flaw was that he was blind to the assholes around him. Take everything bad you know about men in the 40s and 50s and there you go. They couldn’t stand the idea of a woman, especially one that had never had children, being as involved with a business as I was. Mike showed me the ins and outs of running the company. Oh, I did wonder why. Never out loud. Oh I should have. Oh Lord I should have.”
Fay chokes back a sob and you lay a hand on her back soothingly.
“You don’t have to tell me this if you’re not well with it,” you say.
“No, no, it’s alright. I need this out, and you need to hear this. I… Mike died in 1955. The war had eaten him away ever since he returned. Bit by bit… like water eats away a stone. I should have noticed.”
“You couldn’t.”
“But I should have. I should have spoken up when I felt something was wrong. But then it was too late. Mike was gone. And his colleagues blamed me. I blamed me. But then… oh, Lord… Then we learned that Mike wanted me to run the company. He had taught me everything I needed to know and more. That was in 1956. I did it for him. Only real support I got was from Martha, his secretary. What a woman.” Fay blushes a bit. “Martha was as much a blessing as Mike… but those were the 50s. She was black AND we were both women, AND I was running a company. Even without Martha around the latter would have been enough for…” Fay falls silent and stares out into the night. “Things started to go awry at the company. I couldn’t prove those bastards did anything… then around Christmas in 1959 … Police never found Martha… After that it was just … terror. Couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep. Took pills to manage the latter… and in 61… took a few too many…”
Fay chuckles dryly, tears running down her cheeks. “Woke up down in Harbor Park, some jogger’s found me in the snow. Still don’t know what to make of that. Got married again. Lasted a year. Car accident. Suddenly I was the head of a company again. But I wasn’t going to let history repeat itself. I wouldn’t let anyone pull me down ever again.”
She finally turns to face you. “I’m sorry how I’ve been to you. I…”
You just smile softly and a bit askew and gently pull her into a hug.

You stand like that for a while, Fay’s head on your shoulder, before you slowly part.
“Thank you for trusting in me enough to tell me this.”
Fay blinks at you, smiling a little, and you raise your glass towards the sky.
“Here’s to us then. And to Martha and Mike, wherever they may be.”


So will there be diffrence between male and female Haggerty?

Also if Haggerty is born in 1922 how are they still alive/have youthful apparence?

Love the snippet btw


Haggerty is a ‘slider’ in each case, someone who died elsewhen and got a second chance in the city. The difference will be that if Haggerty is male (frank) he and Mike weren’t married. Martha still exists in either version.


…now I feel bad for being snarky with Haggerty (and making them into a meme for personal amusement, because I love them already).
Ahh, it’s time I go cry over a character again, but I mean, I did not need my heart anyway, thank you…


Haggerty’s romance path (and the connected story paths) will probably be the trickiest to write.


Will there be drinks alongside food on the menu in the cafe section or will the focus be more on the food?


Drinks might be a thing in 2 but not 1.
But if you are looking for a game with cocktails mixing, @Leem 's philomena has that.


This is unique man, balancing life and superheroing never easy lol


Will we potentially be able to hire that one pyro or other applicable former/current supers as a option for our store or maybe do super ad campaigns?


Heatstroke works mainly at APORIA, the food stall at the station is her helping out a friend.
But otherwise, I don’t have anything planned in that regard…
Yet :wink: