Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking) (FANART CONTEST ENTRIES & VOTING on 1405)



I just wanted to say:
This was so pretty , so well written , I legitimately cried because people where nice to my mc and her son.
This is how emotionally invested this got me.
I CRIED because fictional people where nice to my fictional person.
I love it.


;_; I will try to keep up the quality :cry: thank you


Will it affect the story if we decide that our child is 17 and we’re 34? Having a child at 17 is pretty young.


It will. I’m pondering if I’ll make 34 and 35 available if the kid is 17, but in either case it will become relevant


Not unheard of, though, and I’m not counting accidental pregnancies in there either. :relaxed:


This becomes even more confusing if you’re a same sex couple. Did you adopt a child at 17?


don’t worry, i’ll account for that stuff :3


Actually come to think of it, it might actually make more sense. you could, for instance, adopt a 7 year old when you’re 24, I guess. Still fairly young to adopt, but not as unlikely as having a kid when you’re 17.


Current plan is that the kid’s age and ‘origin’ determine the age you can pick


dad 34 mom 38 = son 17
how bout it? :smirk:

shit happens



Nope. That won’t happen.


Does that mean that the partner (if there is one) is at least the same age as the parent!MC?


Roughly. I won’t have major age gaps, nor will I have it that one partner is over 18 while the other isn’t.


Man, I hope you won’t take this the wrong way. But I’ve read through the demo a few times and i have to say im disappointed. As someone who love cooking (and eating), i wad pretty excited to see a WIP that promised to have cooking to be a big part in the story. However, so far there is barely any cooking at all. At the moment, all the food related stuffs are barely just name dropping foods. There is no mention of how they’re cook, the flavor or anything that a person would expect when reading about a dish. I feels like the food and cooking are just there to make this superhero story standout. To be cheeky and use a cooking analogy, the cooking in this story is like a dusting of powder sugar on a pancake. Does it improve the experience and make it more unique? Yes. Is it an integral part of the experience? Nope. The pancake is fine without it and no one will even care whether it’s there or not. I feels like you could remove or replace the cooking part (for example with underwater basket weaving) right now and the story would be the same. I’m sad to say but this WIP is currently only deserving of its’ “Curious” part and not the “Cuisine” part of it’s title.

That was a long and definitely poorly written rant from me. But I do think this has potential. I hope you’ll expand the “Cuisine” part of the story a lot more.


Once you get the cafe proper (and join the cooking contest) the focus will move to the promised cooking proper.

Edit: also @a_shoggoth if you might have any suggestions on how to improve the game so far in that regard, please threw them into the ring.


Thanks for the swift reply, looking forward to see what you have in stock for the cooking parts. As for suggestion, I think that the foodstand with whats-her-name-with-the-fire-hand is such a wasted opportunity. It’s a great spot to reel in readers that came for the cooking part of the story like me. But no matter what dish I pick the result only boiled down to “she grabbed ingredients and start cooking.” I think a more detailed description of the cooking process for each of the dish would be great. Doesn’t have to be super detailed, but just something to make those choices more meaningful.


I was actually planning on doing that later, once i know for certain how to cook/prepare theses dishes


Y’know, this has probably already been stated, but it just occured to me how much you could end up learning through all the research and the whole writing process for this game. It’s fun and educational! :grin:

Out of curiosity, how are your cooking skills?
Because I can’t cook for :poop:


Decent (i hope).
Right now im knee deep in cake decoration vids (as i lack the tools to try it myself) yes… there will be cake decorating…


I’m so ready for cake decoration and cooking, I’ve been watching Pushing Daisies to mentally prepare!!!
Ahhhhh F. Haggerty, prepare to eat mc’s dust, I’m already fired up bring the contest on!!!