Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking) (FANART CONTEST ENTRIES & VOTING on 1405)




On a small note: it’s Marcus’ birthday on the 30th, if anyone wants to do fanart or something, I’d be honored :smiley:


Anyone wanna know something about the (potential) bonus chapter ROs?


that is not too spoilery


Sure, go on (20 characters)


Let’s start with heroes. You already met Naught, let’s look at the others (all ages at the time of the bonus chapter) :


Age 27
Gender genderfluid (amab)
Class Sonokinetic (sound manipulation)

Not much is known about Cambiare, except for their ability to shape sound into solid objects and manipulate vibration. It’s rumored they are the musical actother Fiore Crespo, but nothing’s been confirmed.

They are said to have a very nurturing and caring nature, but expect that others give to other what they give to them.


Age 32
Gender female (trans)
Class Shapeshifter

MetaMorphia’s speciality is morphing into all types of matter-hybrids (from stone over wood to water) and other humans. No one knows what she looks like in her civilian life.
She’s a very lively woman with a great sense of duty, organization and loyalty.


Age 29
Gender male (cis) (electricity chimeran)
Class Elektrokinetic

Powerhouse is an extremely skilled elektrokinetic (especially given he’s part pure electricity himself), but looked down upon on due to the very fact that he’s an energy hybrid.
He appears mostly human (tall with a buzzcut and a crooked nose) except for his right eye, which is an empty socket with a ball lighting in it. It’s said that his left arm is also pure energy, but it’s usually hidden underneath his costume, a skintight black and gold bodysuit with silver piping.

Powerhouse is regarded as a harsh, straight-forward solo-hero.


Age 14
Gender female (cis)
Class Comakinetic (hair manipulation)

Cocoon gets her name from her ability to wrap herself up in an impenetrable cocoon of her own hair.
She’s a very quiet and shy soul, with bursts of cloud-cuckoolandish behavior.

And possibly Switchblade, though i’m on the edge with him.


Can you still tell something about them?


Oh, I just don’t know if he’d work as RO…


Age 33
Gender male (trans)
Class Weaponsummoner, hyperstrength & durability

Little is known about Switchblade (he’s rumored to make sure of that), but he’s regarded as a very direct, no-nonsense (anti)-hero (with a bit of a god-complex)


Ah yes, every trans person’s dream power.

The ability to never worry about passing.


This is actually what I’m worried about that this (and Switchblade being pretty hypermasculine) is just transmisic. So far everyone I asked said it’s ok, but I should ask more people.
Your opinion people?
(Note: They are not the only trans peeps in the story, nor the only trans ROs)


It seems fine to me.
Honestly I kind of like the irony of the situation. Just imagine what a godsend it would be to find out you’re dysphoric only to realize that you can shapeshift and no longer have dysphoria. I’d say if anything just give her a sense of humor in that she’s aware of how fortunate she is.

Then again, that’s just one person’s opinion, so. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I would date switchblade, i like anti heroes they’re interesting to me but it’s up to on whether or not you would make him a RO


Talking to a number of people more, switchblade and MetaMorphia are now ros in the bonus chapter


Well, now for the villains:


Age 21
Gender Male (cis)
Class Chronokinetic (time manipulation)

FreezeFrame is regarded as an eternal pessimist. Rumors have it that he used his power to travel into the far futures and didn’t like what he saw.
Very interested in science.


Age 28
Gender Non-Binary (amab)
Class Telekinetic

Some people disregard Makeshift as a villain as their ‘crimes’ are more harmless pranks than anything. They are nonetheless and extremely skilled telekinetic, and must not be underestimated.


Age 14
Gender Male (trans)
Class Hydrokinetic (water manipulation)

DeepBlue is rumored to be an orphan, having lost his parents during one of Odium’s attacks on Hart’s Station. Despite being a villain he seems to view Powerhouse as a father figure.


Age 25
Gender female (cis)
Class Speedster

Details Unknown

Also, one new RO for the kid:


Name Madison Scrivens
Age 16
Gender non-binary (afab, she/her pronouns)
Class Splitter

Synchronicity’s is capable of splitting up into several copies of herself, with the additional unique ability to mix-up which copy does the thinking for which, making her a nigh impossible opponent for telepath and other mindwarpers


Deep blue won’t be a possible RO for the kid?


Deepblue is 24 at the time of the main story.

Happy Birthday, Marcus.


Currently working on the next update. I’ll try to have it up by the end of June:

  • expanding the story at least up to the party
  • adding the bonus chapter

Any wishes for the next update?

Also, I’ll probably go and merge some scene files, as atm I’m at 6 scene files and 7 subscenes.
Seeing how I’m not even through ch1 yet, I might wanna reduce that number…


Oh, I guess I’m a bit confused. You said naught would be an RO in the bonus chapter. He is supposed to be 15. So I thought maybe deep blue would be to?.
In the bonus chapter we will just be playing as a single character who is a teenager, right?


Ah, I see.
In the bonus chapter (set during the events on The Gloom, ten years prior to the main story) you can play as teenager, in your twenties, thirties or fourties.


Ok. I didn’t realize we would have so many options for ages. That’s awesome and thanks for clearing that up.



I’ll also later on add in age options for the parent mc, ranging from 34 to 42