Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking) (FANART CONTEST ENTRIES & VOTING on 1405)



Fixed. Thank you.
Important lesson here, children: Copypasting code is A-OK but make sure you adjust all the variables.


Okay: time for a question:
Aside from the currently known ROs… has there been a character so far you wonder whether or not they are an RO or might be one?


I just wanna know Ian’s sexuality damn it.

Actually though, what about the neighbor who totally calls you out if you try to break into your house?


Ian is pan, with a leaning towards women

The neighbor? You mean Mr Prince? Oh, he certainly has a… definite… interest in the MC, regardless of gender


Wait was that Mr. Prince? Apparently I don’t pay enough attention.


time for another playthrough :wink:


Can we at least interact with Ariadne?

(i really don’t know why i’m more interested in making friends than finding an partner for either Yuri or Elliott…)


Actually, Naught seems really interesting. Will he be a potential RO?


You’ll be able to. She’s an exclusive lesbian RO

Still pondering whether or not to make him an RO in the main-game. He’s meant to be one in the bonus chapter, however, he is 15 there.


Can you give more details about those two then?


A bit :3

Lady Ariadne

Name: Fern Andreas
Age: 17-18
Class: Fabrikinetic, Rope-Specialization, Dysnomia-Level Villain (level 3)

Only daughter of the hero/villain pair Madame Tarantula and DemoLasher. Regarded as a skilled acrobat, she seems determined to step into her mother’s footsteps as a villain.
Said to be mostly solitary, but demanding, demeaning and ‘sultry’ in company.


Name: Colby Donovan
Age: 25
Class: Umbrakinetic, Eirene-Level Hero (level 6)

Son to Lionel Donovan (better known as Scorn), Naught went into heroing to make up for his father’s crimes with genuine kindness.
He’s a Nightfall-Veteran and currently semi-active.


Ahh. Well at this point we don’t have a lot of interaction with him. So it’s hard to say whether I would just be satisfied with romancing him in the bonus chapter. I can see his age maybe being a problem for some people though.


Yeah. In the bonus ch he’ll only be available if your char there is in their teens too, just lik ariadne is only romancable if the kid is 16 or 17


Oh no.

On the kid side, I want to romance Ariadne. I love villain romances.

But as a parent I would never approve. It’s too dangerous for my child and I can’t let them come to harm.

I am incredibly conflicted.


Your child is such a good soul maybe they can show ariadine the way to stop being a villian instead maybe just a antihero it’s a middle ground and it’s slightly more acceptable and a frequent stepping stone for former villains.


Maybe you should let your kiddo romance Ari, maybe they will be able to make Ari turn to hero side or atleast reduce their villany…
Or it would backfire and kiddo turns into a supervillan
Mc: Hey kiddo could ya come down and help me?
KiddoMc: I cant im busy
Mc: You will finish your world domination plans later now we have rush hour


I love that in this scenario the parent seems completely unfazed. Nevermind that fact that what they’re doing is criminal :laughing:

Parent: I don’t care if you need to finish plotting something, you have a D and are in serious danger of failing! Homework. Now.
Kid: but Ari-
Parent: So help me, I will ground you til your eighty. And then there will be no villainous plans!
Kid: ugh, fiiiine

All my poor parent Mc’s are probably all going to be total worry warts who are simultaneously very supportive and incredibly alarmed by their children’s antics regardless of what I do with the kid.

Entirely unrelated question, and possibly already answered, is the competition just as important ingame as the superheroing or is one focused on than the other?


I shall try my best to make the competition as important as the superhero stuff.

mostly in the sense that all stories intertwine somehow and getting further on the show might help with the unfolding stories.

EDIT: I’m still kinda toying with the idea of making Switchblade or Powerhouse a RO.


Well there is a distinct lack of chimeran RO’s ,i think, so you could make powerhouse a Ro and tbh to me if MC was in a relationship with Switchblade and he is teaching kidMC it would just feel weird


i see no criminal activity here or in the post above yours.
Don’t you know villainy is completely legal if your not caught or failed any grades in school?

@MeltingPenguins anyone (of resonably appropriate age to the character) as long as their told well is a good RO to me.