Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking) (FANART CONTEST ENTRIES & VOTING on 1405)



Very much looking forward to teasing the Heck out of my kid :smiling_imp:


Ahhh, perfect example of good parenting. :hugs:

I mean, it is, right? :sweat_smile:


Well, you already did on the bus XD


I need moarrr :joy::joy: (20 characters)


Francis would certainly trigger my mc’s over-protective “dad” instincts though, since he seems like trouble and a bad apple. Then again if my parent mc ends up pursuing Haggerty that would be more of a case of “do as daddy says, not as daddy does”. :grin:


Haggerty, Miss Gotten or The EMPeror :wink:

Partial update adding

  • Technology Exhibition
  • Power Exhibition
  • Expanding Hall of Infamy (I think, lost track Dx )
  • two mini achievements and a few more shout-outs to other CoG/HG games. Happy hunting.


He does seem like trouble, at least from the description we get of him, but him caring for his mom at some point got my attention so I figure he’s at least a good kid underneath the pretension lol.

I thought the same thing too XD Francis’ attitude would still get on my mom nerves, but if my Parent!MC were to pursue Haggerty, I really couldn’t say anything :joy:


Marcus is cute, endearing and funny, so no he wouldn’t trigger my parent mc’s overprotective “dad” instincts the same way that Francis does. All Marcus triggers is the standard parental response of parent mc not liking the idea of their “little boy” becoming a sexually active adult that most parents have. But I envision Marcus only needs to give my parent mc the puppy-dog eyes to get away with it the end. Unlike Francis, kid mc deciding to go for Francis is going to be a far more confrontational path as my parent mc really can’t stand Francis (at least in the beginning).
Well here’s hoping for some good confrontation scenes between Francis and parent mc and parent mc and their kid over Francis, then.

Like I said, the standard line for my less than moral or lawful characters who are parents nonetheless is “Do as daddy says, not as daddy does.” :wink: It’s a staple trope for a reason.

To date it’s been most applicable in Life of a Mobster, but if one of the ruler games where we’d have to adopt or, ugh, “create” an heir ever gets released it would apply there as well.

The parent mc in this game isn’t really evil, though maybe just a tad hypocritical if they’re pursuing Haggerty themselves, but then a great many, perhaps even most parents are.


:innocent: yes. Absolutely.


Marcus low key already has my approval, bad puns and all :joy: I’ll keep up the protective parent status because it’s the least I can do for my kid, but if she wants to pursue him I’ll support it (maybe tease her too, like with Starlight lol)

Definitely looking forward to confrontations - and later, resolutions - with/because of Francis. My MCs are extremely close, so it’d be interesting to see them conflicted with each other…

Agreed~ I have a feeling Teen!MC will have something to say about any of their parent’s ROs, especially Haggerty, haha


Patent!MC: I think you should stay away from that Francis fella…he looks like bad sort…
Kid!MC: But you are doing exatly the same thing with Haggerty.
Parent!MC: Yeah,but im a adult.


Love how you all pick Haggerty as The Worst when Mr Prince seems to have a certain interest in the parent :smiley:


TRUE :joy: Now that would be a tense situation for the MC’s kid ahaha


That should be:

Parent! “I’m the responsible adult here mister and you’re grounded. I don’t want you seeing that Francis boy outside of school for the next week and I’m confiscating your phone!”

That’s more the reaction my mc would have to his kid trying to date Francis. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well with Haggerty I can see the belligerent sexual tension and possible rivalry romance. Mr. Prince on the other hand weirds out even my parent mc.


Even though it was mentioned in earlier posts in this thread, the “they don’t” vs “they doesn’t” - I agree that even though “they doesn’t” is technically grammatically correct, it won’t work for the purposes you are trying to use.

In English, don’t is used when speaking in the first and second person plural and singular and the third person plural (“I,” “you,” “we,” and “they”). It can be used to make a negative statement:

     I don't like seafood.
     You don't want to do that.
     We don't want to go home yet.
     They don't have to pay now.

“They” as a singular is still a new concept (according to merriam webster), many grammar websites are working to update their pages, even though it is commonly used in place of she/he as a gender-inclusive pronoun.


Tell that to the peeps i know that use they and singular verbs.

And its only ‘new’ if you ignore the entirety of the english language.

The reason they has fallen in disues is rooted in queer- and especially transmisia (-phobia).


I’m not saying you don’t, and I’m sorry if it came off like I was saying that. As someone who identifies as NB- I don’t mean it’s “new” in that sense, merely that “they” as singular has only officially been accepted by scholarly sources in the 70’s - regardless of whether or not people were using it for identification earlier than that.

But something else I just wanted to add was in the page:

“That’s just cruel. It’s your decision, not theirs.
But allow me to ask, but, do you know the other parent?”

There’s no option to have any form of relation on this page with “she” using individuals, Also nevermind with this>> ((((and you added “Yes, them and I are on good terms actually. Their family included.”))))


Could you provide a screenshot of the page in question?



Odd that. It should be there. Ill check if something went wrong with the code later on (its 1 am here) thanks

EDIT: okay, fixed the bit. But:

Seeing this is the bit from the unplanned pregnancy option, this will likely get altered later to account for it having been a regular pregnancy, meaning egg and sperm have to have been provided by the parties involved. Gonna discuss this with peeps first to smooth things out.