Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking) (FANART CONTEST ENTRIES & VOTING on 1405)



Now that we’re back, shall we continue?


Will the kid’s age change anything like which grade they go to or is it just for customization?


Uh…well. Not gonna question THAT particular interaction.

My question is, will specializing in one flavor be an issue? Will the competition be more difficult if you aren’t well rounded?


Not the grade, but other details like romance etc.
E.g. Marcus and Francis will be very reluctant to start anything resembling a relationship if the kid is 15.

In the later rounds. But you’ll get a chance to practice beforehand.


Sorry in advance if ths questions are already asked

Are you planning on having the Parent MC interact with their ex?

Will the parent MC get to interact with Fay/(malecounterpart) a lot? (Flirt,Taunt,etc…)


No worries, has not been asked yet :smiley: also unless I’m on mobile I’ll gladly answer stuff twice (if you look above, there i’ve been on mobile. sorry)

  1. Depends on what their relationship was. but yes.

  2. Depends whether you follow their story path. But even outside of that, there might be some drama as they are… but i’ll let you discover that yourself.


Heatstroke does seem like a wonderful character :blush: I can’t wait to get to know her more.


When are we adopting a pet? You know the kid is going to want a dog or cat or iguana or something for our new place.


Prolly once everything’s calmed down a bit. First comes signing the kid up for school… and getting them a uniform.


Uniforms ugh you know they’re going to complain. They aren’t exactly a conformist after all. They’ll get used to it.


i don’t really mind uniforms as long as variation is allowed (such as different colors of pants or shirts, free customization of certain aspects for certain articles of clothes)


I liked uniforms myself because i was never fashionable and wearing green yellow or white was simple .


Speaking of the Child PC, we know that the Parent PC has an opinion on their ex but is it possible for the child PC to have a different opinion on their other parent?


Cockatrice or basilisk anything else and my weird kid would be disappointed in me…and I mound be disappointed in myself.

Weirdness-magnet trait big bold letters.
If the don’t have any we will have to make some.
At the very least it would make for a good menu item.


Sabre-tooth tiger or, better still, a cave lion or some other cuddly little kitten would be neat… :crazy_face:

…or just a normal, talking cat, like Salem (Sabrina the teenage witch). :grin:


Possible, but I have yet to see if and how I can work it into the story. It’s more likely to come up in the sequel as of now.

Also, at the risk of disappointing people:
While mythological Chimeran’s (as in the group of hybrids) exist, mythological beasts (especially in pet form) do not. Well, the things in the name-giving forest near Nightgrove Woods (small town 10 miles from CoCi) not withstanding.


My real question is, will we be able to customize the cafe with various themes or something similar?


We’ll see. I’m still fiddling with things.

Edit: probably in the sequel. Watch me spent an entire 75k chapter on the remodeling antics.


Marcus is a dork and I wouldn’t mind him becoming my kid’s boyfriend :joy: (But really, all the RO’s so far seem like good kids!! I can’t wait for my daughter to befriend (and possibly matchmake) them!)

Enjoying the variety of choices available to us, and the descriptions are amazing too! I’m looking forward to seeing more of the characters’ quirks (like Ian’s lengthy/voluble way of speaking lol)!


I wouldn’t mind too.