Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking) (FANART CONTEST ENTRIES & VOTING on 1405)


  1. Basically the backstory is mix-and-match. Some of it is what you picked in the beginning, other bits are yet to come. But most of it is up to the reader to imagine.
    Trivia: For a while I toyed with the idea of hinting that alcohol abuse played a part in it, regardless who did it, but scratched the idea because it felt too restrictive and preachy.
  2. For the player? I hope, truth be told, deciding on a path in regard which story to follow.
    For me? Writing and coding those stories.
  1. I like the kid romances equally, but, admittedly right now Francis has some of the most adorable bits
  2. That’s even harder to answer. Just as with the kid, there’s a fav romance for several ways one can play the parent.
    Major Spoiler: As Sergi gave me the OK to have a hidden, almost fanfic-y mega shoutout easteregg, I’ll admit that possible romance is right now my fav to write, cause those chars deserved better. I swear this makes sense in context


Well if it’s as customizable as our characters maybe alcohol did have a hand for those who choose it. Maybe a fire caused them to lose their home or eviction so many possibilities.


I will prolly leave the details to the player and potential fanfic. Not everything needs to be explained and spelled out.


Food related questions!

What’s your favourite food type (sweet, savoury, spicy)? What is your favourite food in that type?

Can you yourself cook?

And the most important question:

Who can fit the most boiled eggs in their cheeks?

  1. Sweet and Savory. fluffy pudding, sour candy and pancakes with cheese and salami
  2. A bit.
  3. Francis and Izzy.


Awesome. Thanks for answering!

Additional followup questions if you want
  • Exactly how many eggs?
  • If everyone switched powers all of a sudden, who would have the most trouble adjusting to which power and why?
  • Which power would you have?
  • I relate to Ian a bit. How long’s the longest sentence/paragraph he’s talked without anyone stopping him? In normal conversation, that is, not like speeches.
  • For adding the cooking, is it going to be a mini game in its own right (selecting ingredients for example) or more instant “you made it”?

  1. 5
  2. Probably Marcus as his powers are rather indirect…
  3. Teleport, maybe?
  4. Good question. Hadn’t though about it in depth, I must admit. If I come up with an answer im happy with I’ll let you know =D
  5. It’s a bit of a minigame, yes. I’m currently fiddling with the mechanics and have yet to decide which of them to use, so i cant yet give details.


Oh cool! Thanks for answering all my questions ahaha… :blush:

Also, I can’t wait to make absolute culinary monstrosities if I can. :biohazard::grinning::biohazard:


Super ones! :grin: Maybe a pretzel that hovers or something…? :thinking: :crazy_face:


Who is your favourite ro for the parent? :wink:


i have questions for our kids ro’s asked from the perspective of the parent.

  1. Is it Soccer or Football?
  2. Are you aware your in a game?
  3. What…is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?


You’re my new go to for nsfw goodness. Embrace your destiny as an adjective for all things nsfw.


Lyca, I’d like you to refrain from this… cause reasons.

Back to the questions:

  1. Soccer
  2. That’s a tricky question. It depends on how you play the parent.
  3. African or European?


EDIT: Now that I’m not on mobile:
Aside from the mega-easteregg one, I’m torn between Mr Dorsey or Miss Gotten for ‘weirder’ parents, and Ian for the rest. Maybe Haggerty… Heatstroke has a lot of tragedy, though and is a darling… Also Lesley… Argh…


Sorry I didn’t see an actual answer to my question :frowning:


Don’t worry, no harm done =D


Can you give us an outline or a general idea on how the contest will go?


Who ever says that can date my MC’s child, no question.
My MC’s child: “Well actually, I prefer-


Still fiddling with the mechanics, so the following might change:
You have the three ‘strengths’, sweet, savory and spicy. In addition to that there’s a couple of skills you’ll be able to train in addition to regular choices affecting them.

the contest has ten rounds. In five of them the skills used + the flavor are set, at the others it’ll be at random.
The rest is mathematics dodges

Also, losing is not a loss. The game will still continue.


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