Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking) (Contest winners on 1426)



I’m fine with that, since I am bad at naming things :laughing:


Sure since Timeless is a integral part of CoCi.


Yeah i’m fine with keeping timeless!


While I love the idea of names related to your main superpower, some of the names don’t make sense to me.


@Markel1970A can you give examples?


And We Have The Winners:

Gratulations to @Prism_Stars for the first place:

Getting your own full-fledged character into the story as NPC

And @Abe for the second place:

Getting to name a NPC and pick their powers

I will contact you with the details as soon as I’m getting near the point where your the characters would show up.

Thank you for participating :smiley:


Chapter 1 is doooooone.

Happy Thread anniversary! One year after starting this thread I am done with the first chapter (it’s in alpha testing atm).
about 125k words with code, not counting the bonus materials like the bonus chapter or the APORIA guide.

I’ll be focusing on the bonus chapter for now, because from ch2 on that one will become relevant in places.

So stay tuned for the next update.