Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking) (Contest winners on 1426)



Just that you should pick something else.
Nothing special.
You should rather try and find what does get special text.


Food names like Cherry or Pan :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


No, those would be fine.
It’d be a bit too much work to account for all food puns.


Tried to play as mother Videl and Daughter Pan?


No idea who those are


Also, as I asked a gameplay related question further up, could you maybe move that discussion to PMs if it continues?





Why am I like this


I brought this bout myself haven’t I?

Also, the answer every author anticipates (maybe):

Who do you plan on romancing in MainGame and/or bonus? And what do you expect?
Question to everyone.


If I must just choose one, I will choose Creativity&Taste

For the child, depending on if I could choose who they romances, it’s a toss between Sparkles, Rope Gril, and the kid from the fountain.

As for the MC, not sure yet, but I am curious about the person who got on the MC’s nerves at the hair saloon. I am a sucker for the heated first impressions but then find something admirable in each other and fall in love types of stories


Good point actually to reveal the current RO’s and their ‘plotlines’ (SPOILERS):

  • Valentine Patenaud (Heatstroke): Help Heatstroke investigate disappearances in the TC-D
  • Ian Rattray: Dive into CoCi’s history and maybe find Odium’s reason to wage war on the city a decade ago.
  • Lesley Arcs: Investigate the mysterious Miss Gotten and her connections to the turfwar gong on between the EMPeror and Automatona
  • Fay/Frank Haggerty: Uncover the secret of the head-producer of CookingCornucopia and learn more about their predecessors.
  • ???/???: Investigate the elusive EMPeror/Automatona and get caught up in a mechanical turfwar. (These ar two characters, not one gender swap one)
  • ???: Run into someone you didn’t know you could run into
  • Francis: Investigate odd occurrences along the edge of The Gloom
  • Trudie, Madison & Taiki: Investigate the devastating sickness befalling a couple of classmates
  • Marcus: Dive into CoCi’s underworld to find the truth about Eclipse
  • Izzy & Fern: Investigate haunted sights and bring about long-due justice.

EDIT: All these plotlines can be played without getting romantically involved. The romance stuff is

  1. optional
  2. as such only really happens in Part 2 (these plotlines are just the easiest way to built up relationship points and potentially start something)


Those all sound SO AWESOME! I won’t be able to choose, which just means a ton of replays are in order!!! <3


Parent: probably noone they’re a bit too… Parenty to imagine in a relationship.

Kid: I don’t know who they’ll be interested in. I’d make my daughter a lesbian but she already shows chemistry with Captain pun. And I’d hate to break Canon

Edit: met the new character in the bonus it’s really shaping up.


Played the bonus, loved all the power choices. SO MANY. But I do have a question about photokinetics; can they branch out to the invisible spectrum of light? (Sense heat, give cancer via radiation, use UV in crime scenes, etc.)

About the paired cooking stats, the combinations sound good to me. Cooking know-how I assume has something to do with how you use kitchen tools/appliances?

Parent: Heatstroke, expecting equal amounts cooking and superfights.
Kid: Izzy
Bonus: There’s romance!!?


With a lot of practice, yes, they probably could.
But it’d have negative effects on them too (as many powers can)

And yes, there will be romance in the bonus too, but more of a taking cautious first steps.


I would say Creativity and Taste.

For the parent I’m not sure since I don’t like the characters that deeply yet and for the kid I like Marcus.


I am happy to see this project continuing. :mega:



I finished reading the main and bonus story and I love them both so much! I placed all my thoughts in a pdf and upload it to my Google drive so here’s the link for it:


Thanks <3 could you enable comments on there?


I didn’t knew you could comment there :laughing: but it’s done.


I’ll get some sleep and then to it :smiley: