Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking) (Contest winners on 1426)



I was wondering if it would be possible to add a semi-Elemental trait of having fog or a ominous mist hover around us, as it could maybe add some defence as it may be difficult to see you, or even add minor smoke/gas manipulation as like a lesser lesser power, unless thats a automatic trait that comes with making a smoke/gas character, will minor smoke powers be possible?


The list of chimeran traits (and possibly minor abilities) will be expanded later.
I won’t go for combinations like you see with MetaMorphia or FreezeFrame, though


Could pc has no powers but use technology or something like that? I am totally imagine using poison and potions like a mad cooking witch.


Not in the bonus chapter.

It’s an odd thing. While CoCi is linked to many realities and thus has access to quite some technology, there hadn’t been non-powered heroes/villains up till the EMPeror and Automatona showed up.

In retrospect people wonder why.


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This seems like an interesting premise so I’m giving it a read now and writing what I think of it on a doc that I’ll pass you after I’m done :smiley:


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I needed a break from Heroes Rise’s mess :laughing: and so far this is really great. Got an email I can send you the doc when I’m done?


You can copy paste it into a private message here,
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Also, question to everyone: I’m currently at a choicebody that will add a bit to two cooking stats.


  • Creativity & Taste
  • Organization & Speed
  • Decoration & Cooking Know-How

(These stats are currently invisible on the stats screen, don’t worry)

So far they were affected only one at a time.
Is the combination working like this?
(You will only be able to pick one answer in the mentioned choice)


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I’m tempted to replay as a dad named Kratos with a Son Atreus and nickname him Boy.


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