Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking) (Contest winners on 1426)



eh, you have your headcanon, others have their canon


Hoping to update the bonus and the maingame by next week (bonus chapter up to the end of the introduction (so coding around 1k more words of plaintext… aka around 10k with code >_> )
and maingame up to the end of act 5.


I want my character main and bonus to fit the tone. So if I was going to emulate someone it’d be like Max caulfield or poison ivy.


Mnnn… Truth be told I hadn’t thought of the blurred out bit.
I cooooo~uld code that actually. Mmnnnn


But if we don’t have a spouse?


the kid comes from somewhere doesn’t it?


Daughter:Momma where do I come from?
Mom: Well I carried you and your other mom was a thirteen year old
supervillain girl


Well it’s not like we know exactly when the bonus chapter takes place, it could be in the past :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s the events of Nightfall aka the battle against Odium 10 years prior to the Maingame


But if BC vanishes during the crisis how did their DNA end up in a fertility thing? additionally if the bonus mc character is male and our daughter has two mom’s ?


If you have feedback but don’t want to say it publically, drop me a note, people


If it wasn’t about a food speciality stat boost would we be able to admit we don’t actually know cooking?


Maybe but why would you?


The idea that we’re a ramen cooking at best burning water at worse person inheriting a restaurant is kinda funny and it means we’d have to work harder to succeed


We’ll see.

Also, anyone got input for the new stuff?


Why would I blush about the bookstore if I’m not interested in men?


What, no comment on the new stuff from anyone else?



Found the new stuff really interesting and the interactions with the MC and child through the house is very fun.

Not sure if this was asked before:
does the game play differently depending on the MC’s child age


It does vary a little:

  • Two kid-ROs will play out differently if the kid is 15
  • A potential link between the kid and the bonus MC will depend on ages
  • The kid’s homework will vary depending on age


The house exploration was interesting and saving a hero without using powers was fun.


Hmm…I tend to have the kid at 16, so that my mc still has some time with them while they are still a school aged kid, but it is fast running out and they are growing up fast.
Physically I imagine the kid is growing fast but they won’t surpass dear old dad until they’re about 17 and a half.
15 feels too young to me somehow and 17 too old.

Though as far as I can see now the amount of conflict between my parent and kid mc’s will probably largely depend on who the kid gets involved with. Dad more or less approves of Marcus apart from the initial shock at losing his “little boy”, now if the kid gets involved with Francis on the other hand…
“Daddy” definitely does not approve of that Francis brat in the least (at least initially).