Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking) (Contest winners on 1426)



Made some important changes to some ROs:

Switchblade is now 35 and a cis guy
FreezeFrame is now a trans guy

Switchblade is also still an a**hole.


Sorry, but I finally fully ran out of motivation to work on this at all. It’s various factors, some connected with IRL stuff (both personal and general) some with CoG related stuff.

I don’t know if I’ll continue one day.
I doubt it though.
@moderators close please


@MeltingPenguins Hope you can find it again. PM me if you change your mind.


Re-openened at author’s request.


We’re back, my friends.

Just in time for Francis’ upcoming birthday (on the 29th) have a greatly overhauled game.

(See the first post for details)


Cool, you are making a good game.


Wooo it’s going to be amazing !


It’s alive. It’s ALIVE
Ohhh I have never felt so jolly.
It is good to have you back


So anyone why type of food would you like to make? I would love go for sugar and chocolate and coffee and maybe poetry and teatre in direct.


Happy to be back.

I hope you’ll enjoy the game.
and give plenty feedback


YES! Oh man, I’m so happy!!





YES!!! (20 cheering characters)


I am happy that Curious Cuisine is back
my head blow up with perfetti with happiness


Does the town have a curfew?


Do you mean during Nightfall?


Yeah like people have to be in doors by a certain time


I hope there will no vampires then lol. But could be cool evade a curfew. Also sexy vampires are always welcome :wink:


Nightfall i mean. Capital N.
Otherwise no.


Ahh so I can keep my restaurant open till a decent hour.