Cumulative Stats

I’ve been looking at various games both on this website and off. One of the more interesting games that I have come across is a stat-builder that also takes cumulative stats into account. For example, there is a cumulative skill known as Quick-Wittedness that is a combination of your cunning, intelligence, and insight. Even if your intelligence is low, you can make up for it by being cunning and having good insight, so you can still pass the various skillchecks.

What I’m curious about is whether these type of stats could or should be implemented into a Choice of Games game. I think it could be interesting as it could add a lot of replayability to the games, and there could be small dialogue changes depending upon if you pass an intelligence test relying on booksmarts or streetsmarts. Basically, there would only be checks against a few stats, but those stats are comprised of multiple stats that the player can grow and manipulate in various ways.

Please let me know if this idea is of interest to anyone, and I’m sorry if there is already a topic on this subject that I just couldn’t find!


I believe a couple of CoG/HG game implement something similar.
Not directly as a cumulative stat, afaik, but some games have ‘backup’ skillchecks.
As in, you have skillcheck for A, which would fail, but B is high enough to manage anyway.
(Yes, not entirely what you’ve been asking for, but I think this approach is in a number of games. Hero Unmasked! for example, has a couple of skillchecks that can be passed upon initial failure with a different stat

If it was possible, I would be interested. Jade Empire has something like this; the three combat stats (Body, Spirit and Mind) combine to create the three conversation stats (Intuition, Intimidation and whatever the third one is). So when you increase Body or Spirit, your Intimidation automatically goes up as well. Something like that would be great for, say, Strength being influenced by Insanity and Endurance, or Ingenuity by Intelligence and Marksmanship.

It actually is possible as the current version of that does do something like this.

The checks are like

*if ((mind + knowledge) < 40)

Interesting. But this might be more like in the stat screen, it would display a stat like this: Wisdom =((Mind + Knowledge) / 2)). Not how it would be coded, of course, but that’s the formula that would get you the Wisdom stat. So you would never need to raise that stat; as the other two went up, Wisdom would raise as well.

In that case you just need

*set wisdom (mind + knowledge)

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The first thing that comes to mind for this kind of double-check is Mecha Ace

I haven’t looked at the code explicitly but judging on the variations of the text between playthroughs, I think that would be the case