CSRIPT Quicktest Error: couldn't open start.txt

I’m having trouble with completing my quicktest.

The error I’m getting is: couldn’t open start.txt

My code looks like this:

*if x > y
    *set x 0

This is at the very end of a scene that does behind-the-scenes work for my story. Anyone know what’s going on?

For start, check your startup.txt and the files you put on the scenes, make sure the start.txt is on the scene list and on the folder as a text file with the same name.

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It depends on the error. What is the code leading up to the jump to this code?

Otherwise, my best guess is that you’re using *gosub_scene start instead of just *gosub start since the former will search for the .txt file instead of something inside the scene itself.

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There is no start.txt scene.

I don’t even have *gosub_scene in the entire scene. They all go back via *return.

That’s what I am trying to figure out. Over 600 lines of code. But, I am working on it. Even looking through every other scene, there is no way a *gosub_scene start can even happen.

That’s your problem I guess… if not, I’m more confused, maybe I could help more if I see the whole thing.

Strange. We could work backwards, using the label for that code snippet and finding the possible culprit that way?

Otherwise, I can’t do much without taking a gander at all the code.

I’m sure the cause of the error is like a single stupid little hiccup where our brain farted on the bar.
Can you manually play the your game? Is it start.txt or should it be startup.txt?

Yes I can manually play and have the process get through that stuck point that the Quicktest can’t get past.
I have startup.txt, but the error states start.txt. I will keep troubleshooting and try to use randomtest to help too.

Hm. I personally never used either of the tests, so I’m lacking exp here.

What version of CS you have? The latest? Where did you get it from?

Yes, the latest direct from the links that CoG provides. I’m sure I will figure it out. At least what I learned from everyone is that it is likely on my side somewhere.

Search on your text for the word “start”, maybe it is misspelled somewhere instead of startup?

I figured out how to fix it! I created a new file (scene) titled “start.” Then inside the file, I typed this:

*comment The whole point of this is to stop the Quicktest from failing over “Error: couldn’t open start.txt”

Question resolved!