[CSIDE] The ChoiceScript IDE (v1.3.3 Now Available — 05/09/2022)

Ok! Thanks - it is a really useful feature overall. (and thank you for your time.)

This looks super cool. How’d you customize yours? :tired_face:

Hit the “lightbulb” button in the center panel (between the editor pane and the playtesting pane if you have both open) and press “Editor Theme Configuration Template”! I think you have to import it first, then run it. It doesn’t matter what you name it!


Thanks :grin:

Can you send a pic of your code for your layout😊

So, I started to play around with theme customizing and got carried away. I made a Matrix theme. It’s really terrible to read, but it looks nice :joy:.

Here’s the sample and the code if anyone wants to take away from here.

*cside_theme_set labels color #22B455
*cside_theme_set labels weight bold
*cside_theme_set comments color #204829
*cside_theme_set variables color #92E5A1
*cside_theme_set variables weight bold
*cside_theme_set variables style italic
*cside_theme_set options color #020204
*cside_theme_set options background #204829
*cside_theme_set options bottom-border dashed #020204 1px
*cside_theme_set csplus color #92E5A1
*cside_theme_set csplus background #020204
*cside_theme_set csplus style italic
*cside_theme_set commands color #020204
*cside_theme_set commands background #22B455
*cside_theme_set page color #DEF7E3
*cside_theme_set page background #020204
*cside_theme_set spell-errors color #204829
*cside_theme_set spell-errors background #DEF7E3
*cside_theme_set spell-errors style italic
*cside_theme_set spell-errors bottom-border dashed #204829 1px
*cside_theme_set indentation bottom-border dotted #204829 1px
*cside_theme_set gutter background #020204
*cside_theme_set gutter-numbers color #DEF7E3
*cside_theme_set gutter-numbers weight bold
*cside_theme_set error-lines color #DEF7E3
*cside_theme_set error-lines background #92E5A1
*cside_theme_set error-lines style italic
*cside_theme_set error-lines bottom-border dashed #DEF7E3 1px
*cside_theme_set cursor color #92E5A1
*cside_theme_set cursor left-border solid #92E5A1 1px
*cside_theme_set matches color #020204
*cside_theme_set matches background #80CE87
*cside_theme_set matches weight bold

It reminds me of those terminals they had long ago … like you see in the Fall Out games.


That feature list looks pretty exciting… Especially interested in the breakpoints.


Glad you like it… And honestly, that’s not even everything… For e.g. “Monaco Editor” is a huge catch-all that’ll bring lots of quality of life improvements. This will be a buggy huge release. I reckon I’ll be needing some brave volunteers to try stuff out on the development channel before the year is out.

I’d like to begin being a lot more transparent and communicative about what’s on the agenda. The issue is how long everything is taking me, I hate promising features only to deliver them 2yrs later (although better late than never, I suppose!). This year has been especially bad.


@CJW – I am experiencing an issue I never encountered before, and I do not know what to do about it.

Last night, my external hard-drive broke – stopped working completely. So I replaced it with a new external hard-drive and started to install everything to the new hard drive.

My problem is with your installer. It won’t let me chose a new install path but instead tries to install CSIDE to the now nonexistent old drive. It comes up with a pop-up error message telling me to change the destination drive and only allows me to click the ok button which closes the installer.

I tried deleting the install package and downloading a new package from github but the fresh copy does the same thing… can you help me?

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I had thought the installer let you choose the install location… But I admit that doesn’t seem to be the case (I wonder if it’s changed by version of Windows?). Still, it should be choosing the %APPDATA% folder of your current user. What happens if you type %APPDATA% into explorer? Where does it take you?


EDIT: Did you ever uninstall it, or are you trying to reinstall over it?
Ah, yes, there we go… If you don’t uninstall (via “Add or Remove Programs”), the installer won’t let you change the location (as it’s trying to ‘update’ the current installation). Remove the old copy first, then you should be able to choose a path next time you run the installer.

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The hard drive it was on is physically dead. I can not even access the drive anymore. The drive letter does not even exist any longer.

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What if you rename the drive letter of this new hard drive?


Windows will still consider it installed though, so try to remove it and see what happens.

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Bringing up the add/remove app(?) from Microsoft and trying to remove it, this is the error I get:

The old external harddrive required a second partition to work (E: and F:). The replacement only has the single partition. (E:)

I really do not want to mess with this, I already have backups and other apps installed on the new hard drive and if I change it’s letter, I’m seriously afraid something like this will happen with other programs.

@CJW – could there have been an update on the installer that changed a setting on your end? I do not remember having this issue before, and just 6 months or so ago I was able to install the CSIDE in two locations (we talked about that) without any issues?

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Afraid not, it hasn’t changed since the first release. And that, I don’t recall… I was fairly certain we settled on showing you how to have two projects open simultaneously? There is no way to easily install two copies of CSIDE, that I’m aware of.

So you basically need to manually remove its entry from the Windows registry, which is a bit fiddly: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/247501/how-to-manually-remove-programs-from-the-add-remove-programs-list

Specifically the key you’re looking for is: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{68EB16F2-B3CF-3E45-A78D-828369F7CAFC}.

A bit scary, but that’s Windows for you. If you’re unsure, feel free to PM me.


Thank you for your help @CJW.

You are right, it is scary, but it is what it is.


There isn’t any way to change stat bar colors in CSIDE, is there? Since it uses its own version of ChoiceScript? (I know the whole process of changing the style.css, but I figure it wouldn’t work with a game being playtested in the IDE, right?)


Not in a released version, but editing stylesheets is a WIP feature:


That’s awesome! You think of everything! :joy: