[CSIDE] The ChoiceScript IDE (v1.3.0 Now Available — 18/06/2019)


Left is current and right side is the new one.

Asked a friend if he could fork version for old one and make these code colors are customizable. ^^‘’


They certainly will be customizable. Although timescales are difficult with just me working on it my free time. Most of the support is there I believe, it just needs polishing.


Just got the chance to do this, and for some reason it does indeed scroll regularly in Firefox, so it is a google chrome thing on my end!


Glad to hear it can be worked around. It’s still odd though. Do let me know if you work out a reliable way to reproduce the behaviour in Chrome…

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Hello, is there a command to view the value of all variables on the IDE at any point in the story while debugging? I’m trying to see the highest and lowest possible stats to enable me balance checks better.

Try the console: https://choicescriptide.github.io/help/ (Advanced Topics → Console).

Specifically I think you’ll benefit from the ability to enter any variable to get its value back and Tracking commands, which will log any changes to chosen variables.

There may be other, more specific tools dotted around the forum that do exactly what you want automatically though (I recall seeing something similar, but wouldn’t know exactly where to point you).

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