[CSIDE] The ChoiceScript IDE (v1.3.0 Now Available — 18/06/2019)

Thanks for confirming! Sounds like that’s the same as *check_achievements breaks error logging in CSIDE · Issue #107 · ChoicescriptIDE/main · GitHub.

I hope to have it fixed for v1.4 :slight_smile:


I don’t know if anyone else has reported this but I think cside is raising stats more than once on choices that don’t raise them. I just ran into a problem where this would happen when testing on cside but when I would test on dashing don it worked correctly

I’d say it’s unlikely, but if you can send me some code and instructions on how to reproduce, I’d be happy to take a look.

heres the code i used

    #"I was busy with my bodybuilding"
        *set strength +10
        Since sending in your audition you have been spending a lot of your time weight training and entering bodybuilding competitions.
        *goto nextpart
    #"I was busy with my art"
        *set creativity +10
        Since sending in your audition you have been spending your time working on a series of paintings and sculptures to display at an art exhibition.
        *goto nextpart
    #"I was busy with my studies"
        *set intelligence +10
        Since sending in your audition you have been focusing on studying.
        *goto nextpart
    #"I was busy with my running"
        *set agility +10
        Since sending in your audition you have spent your time doing track. Running has taken up a lot of your time.
        *goto nextpart
*label nextpart
    #Not to worry about it and that you're fine being single
        *set nice +5
        You know she doesn't mean any harm when she brings stuff like this up.
        *goto p
    #To stop bringing it up and that you don't want to hear about it
        *set bold +5 
        *set nice -5
        Even though you know she isn't trying to make you feel bad it's still annoying to keep hearing about how single you are. So  you outright to her to stop
        *goto p
    #That she is single too
        *set nice -10
        If she's gonna keep reminding you that your single your gonna remind her that she's in the same predicament, it's only fair that you can too if she's gonna bring it up.
        *goto p
    #You don't care about relationships
        You've never bothered with being in a relationship before and you're not planning to start.
        *goto p

when I raised the nice stat strength went up again

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I’m going to need something complete and runnable. PM me a zip?

A zip?

Are you on Windows? Highlight/select all your scene files and right-click. Select the “Send to” option and “Compressed (zipped) folder”. That will create a single file you can upload somewhere (Dropbox, google drive), to share with me.

The problem with your example above is that it references labels and variables I can’t see. Even if I go and create them all, ultimately I’d be testing something different to that in which you’re seeing the problem.

I need an exact copy of the runnable code exhibiting the issue, ideally along with instructions on how exactly to trigger it, from the moment the game is run (which choices to make, when to check values).


I’ve tried searching through this thread, and can’t find anything on it, but by any chance is anyone having issues with visible tabs… not being visible? They work fine on the github version, but the windows IDE will only show a single white dot by the first line of a choice, instead of the fully visible tab. I circled the example below:

The same file in the github version:

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It’s a known bug: Some fonts don't support tabbed visual indentation \w line wrapping · Issue #50 · ChoicescriptIDE/main · GitHub
I can tell from the images that you’ve got the mono font family selected on the Web/Github version. If you swap to Mono on Windows, you’ll hopefully find it works again.

This will (along with other issues with indentation) be fixed in v1.4 with the move to the new editor.


Oh thank you so much!! Sorry, I must have overlooked that on the bug list


No problem at all, I don’t particularly expect the average user to think to go through the entire list of open bugs :wink: But if you’re unsure, it’s always a good point of reference!


Download link provides me 1.0.1 version, how can I get 1.3.0?

It will automatically update post-install.

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It gives that error for both release channels

Ah. I’ll PM you.