[CSIDE] The ChoiceScript IDE (v1.3.0 Now Available — 18/06/2019)

You need to have

*create name ""

in your startup file, and

What is your name?
*input_text name

in your game text. The * is important, and all variables must be created in startup.
You don’t need to use *set name, it’s not actually doing anything in your example.

Also, I generally suggest not having your actual game text in the startup file, to avoid confusion.

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So just use startup for the *create and stuff like that?

Yes, think of the startup as the games database or reference sheet.

The commands there have to be in a certain order (*title, *author, *scene_list, then the creates, then the achievements)

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Sorry guys, but that’s not at all on topic. Please take it to #game-development:choicescript-help.

CSIDE is a tool that helps you write ChoiceScript @Azraeel. If you’ve issues with coding ChoiceScript this isn’t the thread to discuss them in.


Is there a way I can change the highlighting colour when customizing the theme? I can’t seem to find it in this thread.

*cside_theme_set { TOKEN } { ATTRIBUTE } { VALUE }

The values for which are:

*comment ## VALID TOKENS:
*comment  1. labels          ( and related: *gosubs, *gotos - etc. )
*comment  2. comments
*comment  3. variables
*comment  4. options         ( #Option lines )
*comment  5. csplus          ( CSIDE specific commands )
*comment  6. commands
*comment  7. page            ( editor background and the standard text )
*comment  8. spell-errors    ( any words that are tagged as incorrect by spell-check )
*comment  9. indentation     ( a line's preceding whitespace )
*comment 10. gutter          ( editor sidebar )
*comment 11. gutter-numbers  ( line numbers )
*comment 12. error-lines     ( lines that have caused an issue to be logged )
*comment 12. cursor
*comment 13. matches         ( word that match the currently selected word )

*comment 1. color           ( rgb(x,x,x), colorname, #HEXCODE )
*comment 2. background      ( rgb(x,x,x), colorname, #HEXCODE )
*comment 3. weight          ( normal, bold )
*comment 4. style           ( normal, italic )
*comment 5. bottom-border   ( dotted/dashed/solid | color (as above) | 1-5px )
*comment 5. left-border     ( dotted/dashed/solid | color (as above) | 1-5px )


*cside_theme_set commands color red would make your commands red.
*cside_theme_set comments background #FFF would make your comments have a white background.


Hi, I’m sorry ;; but is there a way to connect the dropbox account to the desktop version of CSIDE instead of the web version? I’m a bit confused with this kind of syncing stuff T_T

Would it work if you put the project files in a Dropbox folder (do you have a local synced folder?) and open it (and work there) from the desktop CSIDE?

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I thought that requires the Plus vers thing? Something about the package and stuff.

As @brushmen suggests, the recommendation here is to use CSIDE in conjunction with the Dropbox desktop application. This should allow you to specify folder syncing, and thus automatically have file changes uploaded to Dropbox (regardless of the app you’re using: CSIDE or others).

Worth noting the same applies to Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.


That’s really worth noting :eyes: Thank you so much! :sob:

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