[CSIDE] The ChoiceScript IDE (v1.3.0 Now Available — 18/06/2019)

I slightly second @Alice-chan comment.

Looking at screen. (Mine is 24’ @1080p monitor)

Then those settings button tab vertically gives slight uselessness. It would work better on the top right. But I think this is a really minor thing.

I think the cooler thing would be that the user can move right side part manually, not with that button that hides it completely.

Even more, cooler thing (that’s probably viable for minority people like me) who have multiple displays can, detach right side completely and move it to other display. Currently one can manually stretch it, but left side won’t be full screen then.

Here is a weird example of CSDIE stretched to two monitors. Where the left side text is on one monitor and the right side settings window on another.

Ultimately its a workflow efficiency thing, I do a lot of side by comparison between gameplay text and code and any reduction of horizontal real-estate means more scrolling. Plus it makes custom color schemes look hella janky:

What do you mean by custom colour schemes?
Would having draggable widths on each component go someway towards helping?

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sorry, the color schemes available on the setting tab - because it now puts a really fat colored stripe straight through your workspace. I had to turn it all back to black with the new update. Anyway, thanks for responding CJW :slight_smile:

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I mean I can definitely make the bar not follow the scheme, or I could move it to the right side of the panels so it doesn’t clash so much? Lots of options.

Thank you for feedback! I’m always happy to receive and respond to it. It’s actually hardest when people don’t give feedback…


I’m not sure really, I was going to advocate for putting it back where it was but if there’s not enough room there anymore then perhaps shifting it all the way over to the right would make it seem less obtrusive at least?

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Draggable widths (and possibly draggable positions as well?) on components sounds like it could be useful, although I don’t know if for the exact issue talked about.

is this current?

Is what current?

It’s showing 2019 , so I was wondering if it was current

v1.3.X from 2019 is the latest release, yes.
There will be a v1.4.0 sometime in 2020.

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ok I’M ANXIOUS TO USE IT :grinning:

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Hi there @CJW ! :grin:

I have been using sublime for almost 3 months, and now, I am so glad that finally I installed your CSIDE. The last edited post is already answered as I try to do it on my own, it gives me an error about sm_init.

I don’t know if this is necessary, but can you add the save-plugin command (i think it’s from you) in this CSIDE, so i don’t need to put a comment command and remove it in the following game tests. HAHAHA :smile: Thanks in advance.

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It’s right at the top of my TODO list :slight_smile:


Another user suggestion CJW:

When I’m coding a use a lot of double *line_breaks with my *if commands to ensure I don’t end up with text being smushed together - it makes control of formatting much easier than just using blank returns when you cant obviously see if they are indented or not. (the visible indentation setting does not seem to work properly for me)

texty text text
*if variable = 1
    textytext 2
*if different_variable = 1
    blah di blah blah
More text here

meaning that whichever of the two variables is one, the text will always format as I want.

My suggestion is that at the moment *line_break commands appear a the same color as all other * commands which can get a bit confusing when I have blocks of code that have *set, *if, and *line_break all in one. An option I think would be helpful would be the ability to toggle *line_breaks and *page_breaks as a different colour to other * commands

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Bug notification:

when variables are displayed using ${} they will not show up in a different color in the code window if the variable is modified inside parentheses within ${}, though they will display correctly in the game panel



will be displayed in a different color to regular text, while:

${((bread_price * 2) - 10)}

will be displayed in the same color as regular text in the code view window.

Both will display the resultant value in the game panel.


Anyone (@CJW) know why my CSIDE would suddenly start crashing upon opening with this error message?

It was working fine yesterday so I’m not sure what changed!

Can your CSIDE program files be corrupted?