[CSIDE] The ChoiceScript IDE (v1.3.0 Now Available — 18/06/2019)

Chrome wasn’t terribly outdated. Did it fix it for both? But it makes me wonder if @Lucifer_the_first was also using 76.X?

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I didn’t try to update the IE. My xperience with microsoft avert me from updating anything they have done. (Well Except Visual C++, but that is kind of obvious)

hmm, maybe.

Hello! I would like to know how to implement the saving system feature in the game I’m working (currentley hosted in dashingson as an HTML).

I checked the box to allow the Save System, and put *sm_init nothingleft | 3 in the startup file, but it gives me error when I try to play it (404 file not found or something like that?) What should I do to make it work? :thinking:

Thank you!

Unless something has changed, you have to take out *sm_init nothingleft | 3 when you want to test it and put that code back in before you upload your new files to DashingDon. Otherwise you’ll get that error all day long.

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Alas, CSIDE itself doesn’t currently support the save plugins (it’s high on the priority list, but difficult to do right). I’m afraid I can’t comment for dashingdon though. Even if the commands won’t work in CSIDE, you should be able to add the commands, upload them and run them there without issue (as tandra88 is saying). Worth asking on that thread if the problems persist.


@tandra88 , @CJW, oh, I actually meant that when uploading the game (doing all the previous stuff, running quicktest successfully and then adding *sm_init nothingness | 3 and saving) I get an error that makes the game unplayable from the start (a window pops up with 404 error).

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, because if I remove the command, the game is fine (without saving options) but if I add it and upload it, the game crashes.

Or are compiled formats unable to use the Save Plugin? :thinking:

Oh, sorry. If you’re compiling from CSIDE, it won’t work, as it doesn’t provide the save plugin. You’ll need to upload your scene files, or compile with a standard CS release for the time being.


CJW, the IDE is great but…

…any plans to add find + replace?


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This feature already exists. Ctrl + Shift + R.





Dangit Victoro! Dat’s Y U should always read the IDE’s docs!

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Alright, thank you! :smile:

Okay, this is bizarre and I’m starting to feel (that I’m) utterly dumb, but how on Earth do I update and/or download the 1.3.0/1.3.1 version? The releases/latest just gives me 1.0.1.

Hello :slight_smile:

(I dislike the first thing I post being an “issue”)

When I try to update the (brilliant!) IDE I get the following messages.

Update Available 1.21 (1.2.0) - I Click Download
Update Failed - Failed To Create Backup. Update Aborted.
Warning - Rolback Failed: Package Corrupt - Failed to read previous application package. Please seek support

(so i am)

Tried logging in as “Admin” etc and still get the same errors/messages.

Does anyone have any ideas? Any help much appreciated

Please PM me!

Done :slight_smile:

Hey, sorry I missed this. Did you figure it out? There’s an update channel setting in the settings tab. Rest should be self explanatory (you’ll get a prompt).

Not sure did anyone ask but, will there be any updates that support saving system? Or will CSIDE have one of their own?

It’s on the plan, but it’s not very high on the priority list.