[CSIDE] The ChoiceScript IDE (v1.3.0 Now Available — 18/06/2019)

I know this isn’t of any relevance right now, but I’ve had the CSIDE icon on my desktop for almost a year now and I’ve seen it everyday and I only just understood the image. :clap: to somebody somewhere along the line.


@CJW I demand you to use that sea-side icon back as your profile image.

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Update: v1.2.0 (+) Available on Stable Channel

Hi all, just a quick note to say that v1.2.0 (1.2.1 being only a bug fix atop that) is finally
available to update to from the stable channel. I’m really sorry for any of those who have been waiting for this. At present we determine ‘stable’ only by the fact that no issues have been encountered on development and then latest (in turn), so it can take a while to be sure it’s unlikely to cause problems. I’m looking into ways of speeding this up in the future. In addition I’ll note that we have lots of other exciting changes in the pipeline, so do watch this space in the near future.

Thanks, and enjoy!


v1.2.1 - 27/12/2017

Fixes a critical bug caused by turning persistent session ‘off’ when persistent tabs are supported.


  • default tab order is now initialized correctly when the persistent session setting is disabled

v1.2.0 - 18/12/2017

Feature release including custom themes, code folding and selection matching, a handful of bug fixes and some minor behaviour tweaks.


  • Code folding/collapsing

  • Example projects are now runnable

  • Selection matching (highlights other instances of selected text)

  • Custom theme scripting (and matching example project)

  • Spellcheck now supports including/excluding of command lines

  • Visible indentation support for spaces

  • New shortcut combos for

  • Delete line

  • Duplicate line

  • Toggle block comment


  • ‘Insert double line break’ menu option now respects indentation

  • Fixed a file path issue on attempts to open a project folder

  • Made some changes to mitigate a possible ui/locking bug with project controls

  • Misspelled words next to speech marks are now detected correctly


  • Updated internal copy of ChoiceScript to Github commit

  • ‘Untitled_X’ scenes are now generated with fully lowercase names

  • Numerous changes to spellcheck and indentation syntax implementation

  • Editor history delay has been drastically reduced which should result in smaller/more precise undo steps

  • Updates:

    • Development channel warning removed

    • Name of update channel now appears in the update title

    • Development updates are now coloured in yellow

    • Update channel setting now has a description


  • The mixed scene indentation test performed on newly opened files has been disabled

  • The additional temporary editor themes have been removed (in light of custom theme support)

  • Only the Light, Dark and Dichromatic themes will be supported going forward

  • Users who’s config points to removed themes will be set back to the Light theme


Thank you for all the hard work you do! :grin: CSIDE is a life-saver!


I’ve been loving it.


Achivements persist even after you rerun the game and restart, with no ability to reset them? Hm, that sounds like it would be problematic for testing.

Did closing the project (i.e., removing it from the project list in CSIDE) and then reopening it affect anything?

@Fiogan Nope, just tried closing the project and then reopening it–it still ‘remembers’ the achievement!

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I have implemented a way to clear game data, via the CS menu:

Sadly it’s not yet available in one of the lives update yet.


I found that if I ran the game in “popout,” it ran with no persistent game data, so I did my achievement testing that way.


Greetings! I’m a complete noob at CSIDE and newbie at this forum. I am however, also a recently cluckin turkey. I’ve downloaded the CSIDE(cside_setup_x64_v101.exe 59.1MB) upon this interwebber page: Releases · ChoicescriptIDE/main · GitHub
and waited in anticipation as finally, a turkey such as myself could finally write a fantasy adventure about a corn traveling the barn, defeating the evil worm and saving the pretty carrot before recieving a warm welcome in the form of:

I was dumbfounded, then frustration grew in my turkey gut and belched into a searing fart of burning death that trasformed me into my current form. I use a 32 bit windows 8.1 on a x64 bit processor. Please help this poor turkey, you might possibly be the last hope of saving the pretty carrot in peril :frowning_face:

Sincerly, CluckinTurkey


You should download 32bit version (x86 in distro name)


As Jumo said, you’ll want the 32bit version if you’re running a 32bit OS (even on 64bit hardware).


I think it’s possible the confusion might be coming under that it’s not listed at “32-bit” on the download page, but as x86 (I’m pretty sure that’s what the x86 would be referring to anyway. A lot of people don’t realise that x86 is used for 32 bit.) Or maybe you knew that and it was just the processor vs system that was causing the confusion :slight_smile:

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x86 is a commonly accepted term. There is also something of an explanation:

I’ll try and clarify a little more.

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Oh yeah it definitely is, sorry didn’t mean that to come off as critisism. It’s just I can name quite a few people I know that wouldn’t realise that.

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I thank ye all for the swift reply! It has worked! :grinning:

Without your help the pretty carrot will surely perish in the pot of stew!

And I can now go buy a bag of feathers to hide my turkeybumps! Thank you all once again! I hope you all have a fantasic day!!!:confetti_ball:


Hi, I saw this was recently updated (or updated a while ago and I’m behind) and I saw that the program reverted back to the tiny underscores to denote indentation, as opposed to the dashed lines that it previously had. As someone who has issues separating lines due to compromised vision, I would love to have the vertical lines back, even if it’s just as a customization option. The tiny lines will eventually start straining my eyesight. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hi trevers, thanks for the feedback. How much of an issue is this likely to be for you short-term?
The reason I ask is because I’m currently working on what is probably the largest CSIDE update to date. This will include a complete replacement of the editor. This change in turn will improve a great number of things, including all the issues we’ve had with tabbed indentation and indentation guides.

The new guides will look like this:

I hate putting dates on things, but I would like to think this update (or certainly part of it) will be available before the end of the year, at least on the development channel. I’ll be announcing/discussing the fine details about this update in more detail very soon, so stay tuned for that.

If this wait is going to be a problem for you, I can take a look at reverting the indentation change. The problem is that I believe I changed the indentation to horizontal to avoid another bug. I’ll check my records.


If it’s available by the end of the year then I can totally wait. That design looks wonderful!


I was introducing some multireplace into my code when I ran into this super-fun color high-lighting bug:

The blue text in the middle there should probably be white, right?

Side note: it would be nice to have a hotkey for wrapping something in multireplace tags.