CSComp - Most Interesting Failure/ A Lannister Always Pays His Debts

So, a few months ago I offered to sponsor an additional prize in @Lordirish’s CSComp.

First of all, please let me offer my sincere apologies for being so slow in coming back on this.

Second, the $100 prize money for “most interesting failure” goes to @Shawn_Patrick_Reed for Monsters. (N.B. this is a prize which I offered for the most interesting consequences for failure in a story - not in any way a suggestion that the story was itself a failure.)

@Shawn_Patrick_Reed, if you could let me know your PayPal details then I’ll send across the $100 pronto.

Mods - I’d be grateful if you could please merge this with the original CSComp thread, as it’s now been closed.