CScomp help with title decision

I’m pretty sure a mod will end up changing the title, cos I couldn’t think of any kind of decent title to name this lol. But I have two stories that I seriously can’t narrow down for this upcoming contest and as we all know, that’s a problem. So I’m looking for feedback with which would be a better decision.

I kinda don’t want to post the summaries here for obvious reasons but if you do want to help me out then note me.

Thoughts are highly appreciated and if you have any questions then I’ll be happy to answer them. Like all of those that help me out, tons of thank you! And if you want to help out more, like being a beta tester or creative help, then definitely tell me cos I need all the help I can get.


I’m not participating in the contest so I wouldn’t mind helping out. :grin:

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I’ll message you, thank you!

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Changed the title so as you may have more help.


I would love to help out. Message me please!

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:sweat_smile: Thanks for that!

@Spyder And thank you so much, I’ll message you the information.


i can help with coding bugs and story related issues but can’t help with typos

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I wanna help, cos I don’t have anything to do…only thing I do is Wake up, eat, play BF1, sleep

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@DUNGEON_MASTER I’ll add you as one of the beta-testers and I’ll contact you when I’m closer to finishing and send you the information.

@Lufsty That actually sounds very nice lol! But I’ll message you the information.

“NeoHeartless is the best”

Would be a great title. Just my 2 cents. :sunny:

Yea, I’m definitely feeling it. Could do wonders . . .

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