Crystal Valley University WIP (Updated 5/18/19)


I like and good concept.


Um, hello? A slice of life, character-driven college game that lets me play as a fae or an elf?? Hell yes!!!

Do you plan on adding hair and eye customization options? I love those, and it helps me set up the kind of character I want to play as right from the get-go. I wasn’t a fan of being asked straight up what my name is instead of it happening naturally, but that’s personal preference.

I’ll be following this one! :grin:


@sky thanks for responding to my baby demo! I’m glad you’re excited about the concept because this is definitely all of my guilty pleasure genres all in one! I may add the eyes and hair, though they may be limited by species. I’m working on integrating the name in somewhere else, someone mentioned in a diploma you find. Not sure how much of this will be ready for the next update, but I’m hoping to be mostly done with the character creation part by then.


This is super cute and right up my alley! Can’t wait to see where you take it.

I think integrating the name somewhere in the text, like through the earlier mentioned diploma or choosing it through your mom’s dialogue, would definitely help it out. Maybe you could add a few default names as well, for those who don’t like to type their names in?

Other than that, I’m interested to see where you take the races and how much they’ll affect the story and other characters’ reactions.

Good luck writing!

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Pfft, don’t call it a guilty pleasure! Slice of life is so much fun. I seriously love anything that is less interested in plot and more interested in character interactions. I think it makes for quite a story, and it can still hit you emotionally the same way any other genre can.

Do you plan on having ROs?

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I love slice of life and think it should get more love as a genre


Romance Options? 10000%! Got a couple in the works!


@Bizimo Agreed! I think it doesn’t get more recognition because it’s not as plot-heavy as other genres.

@Been :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

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News for the next update: I was so excited to do custom portraits for every combination. Unfortunately after some calculations that’s pretty much impossible. There are currently 1.6 million different unique combinations, so despite the art itself not taking long, I don’t think my heart, mind, or body can bear that much coding. So! Unless anyone knows of a way to get inserted images to overlap each other reliably so I could just use the 48 files to Frankenstein a portrait, it’s definitely a no go.

Character creation is completed other than that though! So expect that for the new version!


What does your body look like? settings are too extreme, basically bony, muscular, or fat. You should add something more neutral, such as average.

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:+1: :wink: got that suggestion earlier and added it in. i should be dropping an update today with a more fleshed out character builder!


Uploaded the first update!


I love the character creation, and your mother’s reaction to the excuses afterwards! (My favorite is the bullshit one.) And the names for the fast food places and meals are super creative.

I didn’t find any bugs through a couple playthroughs, but I did notice that if you choose an olive skin tone, it shows as “olice” at the end screen. Other than that, while the pages are fairly short and easier to read, they all tend to blur into one big paragraph for me and makes it harder to read in one go. If I could suggest double spacing it? It’ll show as a regular line break on our end, but much easier to read.

Can’t wait to see where else you take this and happy writing!


You should add gray eyes.

Not much more open road until you reach Crytal Valley University.

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How vibrant is the fae skin? Is it like a tint or a full on colour?


Pretty good update! Character creation is much better. The race descriptions and fast food places give us a glimpse of what the world is like (it’s not Harry Potter with non-humans keeping a masquerade).

Lycan are one of the five most common monster races residing in the human world.


“Well, I’m gonna chock that up to nerves and keep this train rolling”.


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Are we going to see some of the ROs in the next update? Maybe you could add physical describtion of the races

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Definitely will look into the spacing for next update. Thanks! I’ll take care of the typo as well.

I can add grey, that shouldn’t be too much work. Thanks for the typo correction.

I think I’ll add it into the race description pages for next time! I had considered it, but wanted to get something out that day so I had as much feedback this weekend as possible to work with during the week and didn’t get around to it.

I’m glad everything came across well. I wanted to have a good foundation of the world shown before the real action starts.

Possibly! We are going to meet your roommate for sure next time. It’s still undecided if they will be a love interest or not. I will likely introduce all very relevant characters by the end of chapter two (keep in mind I consider this character creation chapter to be like a chapter 0). Then I will probably put up a poll to gauge interest in which of the introduced characters people would be interested in romancing. I have the characters and their importance to the story in mind, but I’m still flexible on who will be an RO!


Is this what you were meaning by that? More like this?:

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Yes, thank you! That makes it so much easier to parse through.

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