Crimsons Sky-Origins WIP Game finished Request Private testers

I have ended my Game Crimson Sky and I am searching for private testers previously present it for publication.
-Game info:
Arisian, a world where magic and steampunk engineering controls all The simple birth of a child could change all forever. But Hey, first you have to Enter the Academy of Magic and graduate…
-120,000 words story
-Choose between 4 races: Elf, Dwarf, Human and the mutant Morlock.
-two different storylines. See the differences between being a noble or a otphan bastard.
-Choose your gender identity between male, -Female, non binary and a special gender identity of Arisian. Morpho.
-Be free of express yourself as pan bi homo hetero or ace.
-Have a cute little pet friend or be a loner, is up to you.

If you want participate in the closed beta send me a pm or just sign here


Sounds interesting really want to play it

Sounds great already, I would love to test your game.:slight_smile:️:slight_smile:️

I wouldn’t mind. I have a lot of time this summer.

Colour me interested as well, though as always due to my day job I have a highly variable amount of spare time, depending on my assigned caseload. So I’ll be upfront about it that I can very possibly not commit as much time as some of your other candidates could. Up to you if you want me.


It sounds interesting. I’d like to help test if possible.

What do you want people to look for exactly?

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I will edit the game due my grammar is not the best to put it mildly.

So grammar would be welcome but is not the most important thing due it will be edited.

Most important is high level feedback, about plot, characters and suggestions


@poison_mara count me in! Love the plot so far!

Ah heck I’ll give it a try if you’ll have me. Sounds interesting especially the part of two different origins.

This sounds amazing would love to play the full version

This sounds cool, wouldn’t mind testing it.

Sounds fun, I would love to test it.

I wouldnt mind testing, sounds interesting

i like steampunk, fill me in if possible.

I’m free to test this. Got plenty of time until next semester starts.

I’d like to help test this if you’ll have me!

I’d be more than happy to test this game. I have plenty of time and can provide good feedback.

Sounds interesting, I’d like to help with testing if you still need some people.

If u still need ppl…give me a shout

I have enough people for this draft. @moderators @Eiwynn can you close this for now.
I will open the beta when a new draft comes