Crimson Incarnate (WIP)


Hello, I’m Doomevil and I’ve been playing several CoG games for a couple years now. I’ve decided to write a game using the Choicescript.

The game is called Crimson Incarnate. Crimson Incarnate is set in a universe called Starpath me and my friends wrote. You’re an average citizen living in the world of Zeruel where things can’t get any better until unknown forces invade your homeworld. With everything in utter chaos you fade to darkness, waking up in the year 2490 where your entire race are on the verge of losing a war against the biggest superpower in the Galaxy. In this game you:

  • Meet Unique Companions throughout the story
  • Develop a reputation based on your choices
  • Make an impact in the Galaxy around you
  • Make a Lethal or Non Lethal playstyle in combat
  • Select races that can affect reactions or perhaps make your own custom race
  • Explore a Galaxy fallen into the dark times
  • Side with the major players of the Galaxy or go against them

I know this might be too ambitious of a project but I’ve been working on this game for quite a while now. But right now I’m wondering if anyone is interested in a game like this. I’m willing to answer any questions. Just don’t hesitate.


Sounds like fun : ) I’d read it!


This seems to have a very Buck Rogers feel to it - I think it would be a great story to write.


I’m getting a mass effect feel from this. Pleased be an I.


@Charles_Parkes It’ll be great, I’m working hard on it.

@Eiwynn I don’t really know much about Buck Rogers, I’ll look into it. Thanks for the support!

@Ardit_Maloku That’s sort of the inspiration. My goal is to make this a good Space Opera with rich lore around the Galaxy in the year 2490. You’ll get to explore a lot of worlds and command your own vessel as Captain.


I love the sound of this game.


I’m gonna love this.


Sounds good to me (20 char)


Sounds interesting, I would play it


We need more Mass Effect type games; please continue on this path I would gladly support your game


Love the idea,hope you can make it.


Alright this is good. Now the biggest concern would be if I should release chapter by chapter in a monthly release or I release ten chapters whenever I’m confident it’s done. Because I’ll be honest, this game is planning to be pretty lengthy. I don’t really want to rush anything losing quality.


Seems like a good idea, and you should definitely pursue it.

And isn’t your profile pic from 2003’s Star War :Clone Wars…?


I would say chapter by chapter every other month; that way after you finish one chapter then you have a month of revisions and addions that come from feedback.


I feel like this night be something I am looking for. Lately I feel like the average game quality is pretty low but your project seem ambitious and hopefully it will be very popular! I know I will buy it.


I liked the plot, sounds very interesting. I’m looking forward to play the wip. :slight_smile:


That sounds absolutely banging mate


Now this sounds like a wip I can get behind


@Kyle That is correct, the character is Durge

@Megus After thinking about it, I’ve decided to work on the game until I’m confident it’s ready for beta testing. I’m already revising several chapters. Sorry.

I’m happy there are some who are interested in this idea. I’m sorry for the upcoming wait guys.


No need to be sorry, if it works that way for you then keep doing it that way; we all have our own processes. And I for one will gladly wait for how ever long it takes. So no pressure