Crepes and other delicious foods P.S. my spelling is worse then a seals


Well good food and restaurants going to travel and need some good big city restaurants slash food to try that may not regularly hit my buds as I need to try that




If your ever in dallas I would reccomend a hole in the wall burger place called freds


Sweet. Got friends down there. Thanx


Fred’s is good, but not as good as Charlie’s in Fort Worth. I also recommend a pub called B.D. Riley’s in Austin. :wink:




Ohh no sir! Charlies better than Fred’s? You have challenged my honor. Jeves fetch my sword chucks!!! LOL


I’m forbidden from participating in any more duels, good sir. Although, I’d love to see a sword-chuck-off. :slight_smile:

Back on topic: Texas de Brazil in Fort Worth is good if you’re the highly carnivorous sort. Restaurante Botin in Madrid also has some tasty roasted pig if anyone’s ever in the area.


oops seems like I walked into a good ole Texan food off in here
Better get outa here before I get a stray sword-chuck in the head

“Holds hands up and slowly backs away”


Star India is a wonderful Indian buffet and restruant in Arlington TX it’s smaller but it’s nice and the food is good


If you are ever in homossa Florida go to the Freezer and order their ocean basket with butter best shrimp in the world :smiley:


If your ever near Columbus, Ohio there is a Chinese restaurant called Moy’s and its family owned. A great value and small and intimate setting.