Crème de la Crème - Developer Diary



A cultist route sounds awesome too


Weekly update: September, Week 2

Week Wordcount: 7715 words
Total Wordcount: 100634 words
Average Playthrough: 20763 words

What I’ve been doing:

-Planning the September interactive short story about Blaise; it’s going to illuminate some aspects of their family life.
-Writing Chapter 4, The Winter Ball, complete with lavish descriptions of people’s outfits and writing a wide variety of dance scenes for lots of different characters, friendly and romantic. Here’s a sneak peek at the themes you can pick for the party … though depending on your social influence, you may not necessarily get the one you vote for. Which would you go for?


This week has been a large undertaking, but the branchiness should boost replayability! The chapter is currently 22264 words.


I would happily consider any of those themes, though 1, 4 and 5 are my favourites.


2,3 and 4 are my favorites


Fire and Ice, Historical glamor and Fairytales and Wonder sounds great. I’ll probably go for Fairytales and Wonder, at least on my first playthrough I guess… But would the fairytales be stories we have in real life or creations for the game? I’d love it either way.
My, I’m sooo excited for this game >w<


2 forever. I love the elements.


3 or 4


2 or 5, though 3 sounds interesting too.


A ball???


And I’m torn between all of the themes how could you make me choose, how could you???


ghost and creatures of the night plus fairytales and wonders i like these 2…
Is it that one is Good while the other Evil?


One is more creepy (like a spooky Halloween theme) and the other is more whimsical :slightly_smiling_face:


Historical glamour I hope has a lots of chandeliers petticoats jewelry dance shoes and fans and dancing. I would love make a duel with Blair and then dancing with him some rivalmance


What a date with Delacroix :slight_smile:


So is Holiday Revelry just basically Christmas themed then?


What about a date with Freddie? Freddie is a good character.:grin:


Nah… No my style So far Blaise or no one. As others are too good


Christmas or faux-Christmas, yes - I haven’t pinned down exactly what the religious background of the Westerlin culture is yet!


Long as there’s a tree and nice decorations and fine food and presents to exchange and the like, it’s all good. Since you mentioned a strongly religious school as a background I would assume that Christmas is probably a thing there.


On the other hand being a guy in an all guy dorm has always been pretty much the modern boarding school standard. Yes, for my gay guy this is also potentially a harem situation, but the same can be said for lesbian girls.

Yep, more cute guys. It’s raining men, hallelujah! :grin: :heart_eyes:

Or all guys. :roll_eyes:

Glamour of course, either of the historical or fairytale prince variety for my mc. :wink: Though I suppose if this universe has some of the same vampire mythos ours does Vampire dress-up can also look elegant and sexy.


…yeah I got no objection to having a harem, though strictly speaking it’s only really one if all the characters are equally in love with you and there’s a harem style ending… which I assume there isn’t.

… I think? :stuck_out_tongue: