Crème de la Crème - Developer Diary



I think there are tunics and clothing neutral enough like the Victorian women brave enough to dress pants and more masculine clothing like George Sand. I think everyone should access to all options.


This was a very fun teaser to play! Definitely my kind of CoG — I enjoy the whole vibe of the aristocratic school and the very different style of the students. Looking forward to how the game progresses, though I’m trying to avoid the diaries as I’d rather see how it plays out in beta form (whenever that’s an option).

Glad Blaise won the poll — missed out on voting but that’s the way I would have voted.

Re: genders, agree that an “author canon” is a good middle ground between full random and player choice.


I have only three things to say.

  • You as an amazing writing style. The summary is grabbing, characters are intriguing and I am really rooting for our MC!

  • I’ve been longing for some old fashioned back stabbing and scheming, while acting all polite and proper.

  • I can’t thank you enough for allowing us to follow your development process. I thrive on reading how others do things, be it character creation, world building or stat balancing. Learning from examples is the best :smiley:

I look forward to more (both in terms of demo content AND your development process). And since I like interviewing people, I have a question for you - how do you start building your characters? How deep do you go, when creating them/their backstory? What is your source of inspiration?


Very glad you enjoyed it, thank you for playing!

Thank you very much for the kind comments, I’m very glad you had fun with the teaser and that you’re enjoying the development notes! It’s the kind of thing I really like reading, so I’m pleased it’s working for others too.

Generally, I thought of the characters in terms of their plot/setting functions first. eg: I always knew I wanted a rival (Blaise), an occultist (Delacroix), a quiet but intense groundskeeper, etc. When I was outlining, I summarised them in a few words or phrases to get a feel for them, and then thinking of the end states for each character helped me figure out character arcs with a variety of end points. For the teachers, I wanted a variety of personalities and problems that they would bring to the PC’s life. Mr Blanchard, Miss Dalca and Mr Griffith are very loosely based on some NPC teachers from tabletop games I played and ran. Lady Renaldt is somewhat inspired by the headteacher in Laurinda by Alice Pung (one of my favourite posh-school books).

I used to figure out a lot of character backstory early in the writing process, and I did outline their internal lives/motivations/problems they’ll face (which developed a bit over the outline drafts), but I tend to draw characters quite broadly and flesh out character traits like dialogue and mannerisms in more detail as I write. I had some of the characters’ families (Hartmann, Gonzalez) figured out at the outline stage, but have been fleshing out the other characters’ family lives in more detail recently because it’s going to become more relevant soon.

Oh, I also fancast characters! I sometimes have trouble visualising as I write, so having pictures to remind me what to describe in people’s appearance is very helpful. It at least means I fall back on hair descriptions some of the time instead of all of the time…


Please share your fan cast with us, also what words would you use to describe the main cast?


Fancast will be an option for one of the monthly teasers :blush: Words … I don’t seem to have the original notes I made but here’s an effort at reconstructing them:

Gonzalez: puppy eyed, loves! being! here!, easily led, subtle like a brick
Hartmann: proper, highly strung, tightly wound, Everything Must Be Perfect
Max: running on fumes, irreverent, failing at everything but especially at doing what’s expected
Freddie: extremely smart, overachieving, keen, headed straight for burnout
Delacroix: openly weird, intense, obsessive, mournful
Blaise: aggressive, meticulous, sneering, Better Than You
Karson: quiet, prickly, proud, would rather be somewhere else


I have a question about Blaise. I had been bold and not let him bully me. He seems like attracted to that or is just my imagination?


You looked at the hidden relationship variable??


Nope, I am a pure role player I never look code except if I learn code better and,for that I use games I know by heart previously. It is the image written text gave me


Ooh it’s cause I wanted to know how to do that


If you using search tool there are several topics explain how to do it.


Nope… Blaise attract to us no matter what, i allow her to sleep by the window, she felt guilty about it when i keep doing what she wants… she then apologise in our next meeting , although Blaise may only did that when she/he think we are useful :slight_smile:


I am totally secure he is fake as hell. But I feel a rivalmance growing there


Right now i am more interested in Delacroix or Hartmann

But Blaise could be a mutual ally… our family hates each other though, story of reconcile would be nice :slight_smile:


The only character I like Is Blaise the others for me one is boring, other rude and the last with a personality I don’t care. I like Blaise Though. Maybe that changes with more interaction. But hardly doubt it none of them have anything I like personality wise as are far far too goodies for me.


Oh… but Delacroix is a dedicated occult specialist, she was so nice trying to make peace with spirit…

And i love Hartmann paladin personality , no nonsense, kind and just :slight_smile:


So far I’m going to romance Delacroix and Freddie, maybe Blaise, but that depends on what’s at stake if I have to be completely nice to them even if they’re rude, their romance can kiss my mc goodbye


Freddie’s path is interesting as well since this character aim to study hard in order to maintain scholarship status… Freddie cannot afford to fail since she doesn’t have wealthy background… Freddie may reluctant to involve in romance since it could affect her concentration… how could Freddie simply trust our MC ? She/he may think we are just wealthy playboy/playgirl who is not willing to commit :slight_smile:


There’s also the point that Freddie has no money, and our family send us here to marry into wealthy, so my Freddie route will involve mc going to a university


My MC’s parents will be furious if i concentrate on occult activities instead :slight_smile: