Crème de la Crème - Developer Diary



At the end of September, I will post an interactive short story about one of the Gallatin dormmates. You have a week to vote on who you’d like it to be about - hop up to the first post to vote!


I liked the teaser. Gossip Girl at Hogwarts. I got Blaise to like me? I hope I can use and then humiliate him in the future. :smirk:


Will there be poly relationships?


With some characters, yes, though not all. There will also be opportunities to do marriages of convenience, have an affair with someone on the side, or be someone’s affair on the side.


I voted for Gonzalez.


I voted for Freddie.


Freddie for me too.


A romance and preferably long-lasting relationship with Max. :blush:

I think my vote will be rather obvious.

But they’re the least interesting, imho. :disappointed:

For me it goes like this:
Max, Gonzalez, Freddie, Karson, Hartmann, Delacroix and then Blaise.

Though at least none of them are entirely uninteresting thus far.


i voted on Delacroix, but i’ve always known Blaise is going to win


Same as me, i thought Delacroux was 100% back then… lol
I also can predict Blaise will win, but thought Delacroix connection to occult world is more interesting :slight_smile:


nuh-uh, I know Freddie is gonna win.:grin:


You can’t give people the love rivalry thing with the RO and not expect them to be the most popular one (I’ve seen people here say they never expected the RO that fits thats criteria be the most popular one and I’m like… Really?!? Ok honey), but to be far their actual connection with MC makes them interesting, but Delactoix near death experience and occultism thing going in had me more interested to


Your faith is admirable




So the most popular character by a wide margin is the one who does nothing but bully and harass you at every opportunity.


And like others I seem to have surrounded myself with the opposite sex inadvertently and my boi is sleeping in a room with five women. I like where this is going

Also I voted for Hartmann because I feel bad for her. Though I do like her a lot also.



Honestly, I had a good laugh when my girl MC just casually went to bed with five guys in the room lol. If this happened in real life my parents would freak the hell out :laughing:.

My MC is very impressed with the school’s leniency when it comes to dormitory arrangements.


I love when a game let me choose the gender of everyone (and I mean the romance)…

My mc is in heaven with all the ladies…even if Blaise wont share tha bed lol (too early?) :smirk:


I initially pick Hartmann as RO, until i saw Rukia Kuchiki ( from Bleach) was in my room



Hartmann does seem to have a bad boy/girl in them just yearning to break free. But nurturing that would be quite a whole project and a lot of work, whereas Max already is an adorable little imp. :smiling_imp: :kissing_heart: