Crème de la Crème - Developer Diary



What a great teaser, @HannahPS!!! I’m so looking forward to this game–it fills a high-society void in my life that I never realized was there!

I’m in love with the cozy yet eloquent writing here. I also never realized the dangers of being able to pick everybody’s gender because apparently I just steadfastly surround myself with a harem of men–I think it’s hilarious that my Thea Graythorne is sleeping in a dorm room with five guys, lmao, and there’s no problem with it! I was going to ask you to give us an option to fight Blaise to the death in a true noble’s duel, but now he’s apologizing to me, and I need to know his reasons for being such a Draco before I proceed with the duel… :confused:

I agree with @impeccably-stressed that, right now, the “energy”/personalities of Max/Gonzalez and Freddie/Hartmann feel quite similar: Freddie is extremely academic (but poor and insecure), while Hartmann is fastidious and a stickler for the rules, but they come off as being quite similar because they have similar interactions with the teachers in their classes (i.e. both get reprimanded for being too hard-nosed about their interests). I think as we interact with them more, though, more distinctions will emerge. :slight_smile: Wonderful work with this, I’m eager to follow the development of this game!




My poor little crush on Mr. Blanchard :sweat_smile:
But yeah, it’s so good to be able to pick everyone’s gender. I’m surrounding my babes with harem already.


[gasp] We should be twins because I also chose Graythorne as my MC’s surname!! :scream: Still haven’t chosen an appropriate given name though. :thinking:

[laughs in bisexual]

I’m actually already attached to the randomized genders I got the first time.

Freddie- nb
Gonzalez- female
Blaise- male
Karson- male
Hartmann- female
Max- male
Delacroix- nb

For anyone else who randomized genders, what did you guys get? Did you get as attached to their genders as I did? Or is that just an impeccably-stressed thing, cough


Karson- Female ( (?) Couldn’t recall with the mini interaction)
Delacroix-non-binary (I believe ?)

For a randomiser, I would say this is a good proportion. That said, I’ll probably keep Freddie as Male and maybe change the rest.

Edit: No wait, Delacroix was actually a Male. I actually took a picture so I remember. So that means it was more males than female/non-binary.


I think everyone was a guy for me but Blaise who was female and Gonzalez who was non binary in my playthrough.
Very much enjoyed the teaser! Most interested in Blaise for an RO right now… Will reserve final judgement until who I find out who the other ROs are!


Thanks for the note! I will have a think about differentiating them more when I do my next round of revisions :blush: Really glad you’re enjoying it, and that you found the other characters more distinct!

There are dark secrets and danger lurking beneath the glamorous exterior, which will be discovered as the first, and later, chapters unfold.

The majority of the game involves non-physical danger. It’s about balancing obligations to your family (or rebelling against them), trying to do well in society (or rebel against it), and figuring out what characters and factions you want to align yourself with - and in the process, make others distrust you. People will want to cause trouble for you, and it’s up to you to deal with it.

Everything that you do is scrutinised, and there’s a strong sense of there being a wide gap between people’s (and possibly your own) actions and motives. How will you decide what you want to achieve, and what are you willing to do to get it?


now I’m scared!!! are you saying we can’t be friend with everyone , no matter how hard we try ? :disappointed_relieved:


You can try, for sure! Yesterday I was planning out some points where you can call for unity :blush:It’s just more difficult to achieve than if you decide you only care about certain factions!


a small chance is all I want :hugs: I like being goodie goodie too much lol and yes , I also try all the others road of course…but my main is always the diplomatic mushy sappy one . So thank you for that chance!


I can see one conflict, to follow the syllabus of a course or the teacher can simply teach what they want

I for one want the teacher to follow syllabus and guideline , only then the grade result is fair… else if the grade is merely based on the teacher, naturally there will be bias as i experienced such case before…


The problem with that I got from the story was that the teacher had not made the syllabus. It was both school mandate and what the previous teacher had created. So, then I think an argument can be made that what the teacher thinks is most vital for you to learn is what you should learn. If the school did not have faith in them, they should not have hired them.


There shouldn’t be too much power under the teacher … what if i disagree with what they taught or their reasoning ?

I hope the teacher won’t reduce my grade for arguing … it isn’t like i don’t know what i am talking about :slight_smile:


My opinions on this might be influenced by my liberal arts education, where the curriculum the professors teach is in many ways up to them entirely, but I tend to side with the teachers in what to teach (assuming they are decent teachers). Hopefully a teacher who likes engaging with their students, which this one seems to like to do, will not grade you down for disagreeing! Of course there should also be mechanism for students to challenge grades they feel are unfair. At the end of the day though, I feel like this teacher should teach what they think is best for the students. If the school disagrees, I guess they can fire them? (Ah, the time before unions…)


As an trained teacher myself, I feel I should mention that I definitely don’t endorse the vast majority of the Gallatin College methods…

Miss Dalca is pretty chill and progressive, but fiery, Mr Blanchard is fairly kind but insecure, and Mr Griffith is generally strict and grouchy. Lady Renaldt is a soft-voiced but strict ruler. You have opportunities to get on with, or rebel against, all of them, and to try to shift (or promote) the college’s current ethos too.


raise hand I got a question!

Well your story seem very…‘seriouse’ in tone right , but just wondering if you can write humourus scene ?

It just reading what you just wrote about the teachers , it reminded me of my own story where I wrote about a couples of teachers where one talked in such a slow way , everyone would fall asleep . And another was always in an emotional distress , so everyone was freaked out when he got outbrust . So I was wondering , well maybe not to these extreme (my story had alot of funny moment) , but will the teacher have small quirk or something ?


Sure! There will be lighter and darker scenes and situations, and there will be more quirks of the teachers that are revealed as you get to know them :blush: The game itself will vary depending on what you’re up to, it won’t be as funny throughout as Tally Ho, but won’t be as dark as Heart of the House either.


Once again, this is why I’m in the middle. It’s one thing to agree or disagree with them. It’s another when dealing your fellow classmates. That said, I know which side I’ll pick if back against a reasonable corner.


awesome!!! cose a school of prestige…seem like it had some potentiel for some funny prank or hilarious moments ! Thank you!


I can understand that , but for the school of engineering… it is important that all specific field of study be cover equally, we can’t have one taecher teach more about single phase transmission just because they are weak in three-phase …Lol

But hey all conflict make a good story … and there seem to be 2 types of rebellion , the rebellion in conduct via Max and rebellion in study … looks fun :slight_smile: