Crème de la Crème - Developer Diary

Short lil update - I’ve had my editor feedback for the final two chapters, and I’m diving into revisions now. These chapters are outrageously complicated, but happily the revisions are not! I’m looking forward to doing some polishing.

Oh - and I don’t remember if I said this before, but in the final chapter, you get to meet a friend/love interest’s family! Cue one of my favourite things, awkward/uncomfortable/cute family interactions!


Is blaise a ro?


If yes things are gonna be fun. :upside_down_face:

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There is the possibility of romance, yes! It’s complicated, though.


Could Freddie and Hartmann be romanced at the same time (and form a triad with MC)?

Short answer: no, I’m afraid not. Long answer: Freddie is happy to be a secondary while you’re in a primary romance, but doesn’t do a triad. Hartmann wants monogamy, so you can’t multi romance anyone with Hartmann unless you’re cheating on them. So, you could have a primary romance with Hartmann and cheat on them with Freddie, but that’s lying rather than polyamory.


The coding for this must be insane.


Yyyyep. There are some NPC-NPC romances too which makes it even more complicated! :scream:


All is well meanwhile you don’t end up with romancing yourself as I did by mistake the first time I tried to code…
I coded something like *if player_ro =player_name


I can’t even imagine what the coding looks like but I really appreciate all your hard work, in special this npc-npc romancing :hugs: can’t wait to play the full game, thanks for being awesome!


Hey @HannahPS, supremely excited for this game <3 <3 So glad to hear progress is going smoothly and can’t wait for the beta stage. This sounds even better than Blood Money :smiley:


@TeamCorvid Thank you so much! I’m really glad you’re looking forward to it!

Another quick update: I’ve been on holiday in LA for a couple of weeks, but snuck in doing some of my revisions while away. I’m now chilling out while waiting for a second round of feedback (and juggling other projects … no rest for the wicked! Hoping the jetlag fades in a reasonable amount of time).

The game’s at 360,000 words now, and has some snazzy chapter title artwork that’s very pretty. Speaking of art, the cover art is in progress as far as I know, and I am extremely excited to see how it turns out!


Incidentally, if you’re in the mood for some jolly boarding school schemes and investigations (with younger students than in Crème, and less romance orientated, but more murder), I strongly recommend Murder Most Unladylike by Robin Stevens. I read it all this evening, and have ordered the next in the series from the library! The teachers, especially, remind me a bit of the teachers in Crème de la Crème, having their various dramas behind the scenes.


A worldbuilding question for fanfiction purposes: since gender wouldn’t be the deciding factor, how do couples decide which last name they’re going to use?


Good question! If someone has a title or are from a well known family, then their name would take precedence - so members of an aristocratic family like the Renaldts would always keep their name, or if they married someone even more fancy, they would probably double barrel.

Non aristocrats would choose whichever name they like best, keep their own names, double barrel or make up a new name. There aren’t a huge number of double-barrelled names among the main characters but you can assume they’re fairly common especially in the social class of people who go to Gallatin.

Enjoy the fanfic! I’m extremely excited about it!


I’ve officially started another draft revision, in the midst of a family holiday (with the other side of the family; it has been a BUSY August). Got some really useful meaty feedback to get my teeth into and amongst many other things, have added an achievement for getting a tattoo. You could get a tattoo anyway, but now you officially get a nice lil cheevo for doing so.

In other news, whenever I write “August” I now try to write “Auguste” first (and did so just then), which is a faff when it comes to filling in forms.


It’s my birthday today, so here is a little snippet! In Crème de la Crème there’s a degree of handwaving about birthdays - it would be repetitive to have everyone’s birthday mentioned, and setting your own birthday date just didn’t quite fit in, so it’s not something that features. However, here is what characters would get for the PC:

-Gonzalez: a delicious hazelnut-chocolate flavoured Zaledoan box of truffles that they’d look hopefully at in case you wanted to share. If you didn’t like the flavour, they’d be apologetic and eat them for you.
-Hartmann: a cupcake of the flavour of your choice, homemade. They would tell you about its flaws in advance but their baking skills are really very good.
-Max: would forget it was your birthday, then track down a pretty snow globe depicting a Fenburg winter market
-Freddie: a scarf for the cold weather, and they confess that one of their mothers helped them with the stitches
-Delacroix: taking a trip out at night to witness a meteor shower, along with hot chocolate. They’d get cold, but would tell you all about the mythological significance of the shower
-Karson: a carved knick-knack, maybe of an animal; they wouldn’t volunteer its provenance but if asked would say they made it
-Auguste: an expensive jewelled brooch, earring(s) or pocket watch that perfectly matches your style and colouring.
-Florin: an expensive jewelled brooch, earring(s) or pocket watch … that they’re keen to mention is very expensive, and later turns out to have been pilfered from their dads’ collection
-Rosario: a trip to a major landmark, then a meal at a fancy restaurant with food you’ve mentioned you’re fond of
-Blaise: something back-handed like a book on how to dress or express yourself better, or a hat that’s fashionable but unflattering


@HannahPS, I got curious. Is Creme de la Creme set in the same era and world as Blood Money?

Thank you for the question! No it’s not, the worlds are totally separate.


I see, I’d found a Lord Delacroix while on another Blood Money run and had to ask :grin:


Haha, yes I remember putting that in now! Obviously the Delacroix family spans universes :joy: