Crème de la Crème - Developer Diary



Is Blaise a romance option as well?


It’s complicated! But yes, to a certain degree.


Is it to spoilery to ask what do you mean by a certain degree? Cause I’m too interested in them now :grin:


I love this!

Is Luca/Lucia an RO? I want to be a disappointment to my parents lol


Too spoilery at this point I’m afraid! The suspense will have to be borne :smiley:

Yes, and they will be so disappointed. Unless you manage to distinguish yourself in some other way. But still, the scandal!


This might be a weird question to ask, but Mr. Blanchard is kinda cute, is he a RO?


Who are the ros? There are secret ones?


I definitely will join Delacroix’s club, i love ghosts and their story… . Ghosts are our greatest allies :smile: imagine i can be ghost whisperer after graduating , a person who can speak with ghost should gain high place in the priesthood… parents shame will be wash away :smile:

However , Hartmann 's prefect is also an interesting club… it feel great to be able to contain law and order…


No, the teachers aren’t romanceable.

All the dormmates plus Karson, except Gonzalez can be romanced, some more complicatedly than others. There are 3 more who haven’t been introduced in the teaser.


I am down for this because I take any chance I can to be extra™.


This is a very good start. I like Max already! :grin:
It’s a pity my second favourite character, Gonzales, the cute and athletic foreigner apparently cannot be romanced ,. Also love that I’m able to set all the characters as male. Really gives that old-fashioned boarding school feel, plus a cast full of cute guys.


Ditto but with setting all the characters to female instead. Did my folks send me to an all girls academy by mistake? :stuck_out_tongue:


Poor you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
If that had happened to my poor mc his reactions would have been in the range of. :anguished: :fearful: :scream:

If we can, my mc’s passion would be eventing/military over show-jumping and certainly dressage.

I like the idea that the guys get to shine as much as the girls (and hopefully aren’t limited to silly “penguin” suits in this world). For me though cute guys will always outshine they lady they’re supposed to be escorting. :wink:

If it had been an all girls academy your poor mc would probably need to wear a silly girls uniform too. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Indeed. Mine would likely be more the following… :face_with_raised_eyebrow::astonished::wink:

I appreciate the fact their personalities feel natural to either gender in any case.


@idonotlikeusernames, would you mind spoiler blurring the bit about Gonzalez in your post? Just so someone doesn’t come across it who doesn’t want to know :slightly_smiling_face: You’ll absolutely be able to make friends with them over the course of the game!

That’s fantastic, and is entirely what I’ve been wanting to go for! The gender flippable characters almost always have the same behaviour regardless of gender, with some appearance shifts (mostly hairstyle). I’m glad it’s working for you so far, it’s a new kind of challenge and I’m enjoying it a lot.

Eventing yes absolutely! Military/cavalry training wouldn’t be so in the scope of the school, but potentially ceremonial riding would be taught.

I’m enjoying that aspect a lot when writing, and am currently having fun figuring out fancy outfits!


Will definitely be watching this game!


RIP my crush on Mr. Blanchard, it was dead in the water all along, I just didn’t know it yet. :cry:

Outside of that, I’m absolutely loving the tone of the game, it’s so charming and disarming, precisely as I would imagine upper-class society to be. I’m getting serious ‘spinster aunt who keeps trying to set you up with cute boys because she’s wistful for her youth and wants you to experience yours to the fullest too and also here’s a glass of wine let’s gossip—no, I won’t tell your mom, she’s my little sister I don’t have to tell her shit’ kind of vibes and I love it to bits just like my real life spinster aunt who keeps trying to set me up with boys and also the wine thing.

That said, Gonzalez/Max and Freddie/Hartmann seem to occupy similar roles in the story and similar enough personalities that I wonder if you couldn’t just collapse their roles into one character each? Either that or show areas in which they differ a little bit earlier so that don’t each seem like different names for the same character.

Luckily, Blaise, Delacroix, and the teachers all stand independently of one another without issue. Blaise in particular stands out because I love me some rivalmances. I was so freakin’ disappointed when the teaser ended before Blaise could react to my MC like, pls, pls I beg of you…my heart can’t handle the cliffhanger. I’m already so attached…


Yay! It’ll be a good sport for my mc and I used to love the cross country myself, which is what makes eventing unique as it is both the most enjoyable element and something the other two disciplines, dressage and show jumping, obviously lack.

So no officer candidate preparatory training programme at this school college then?

Well, faux military/cavalry uniforms always look rather dasing on an in-shape young(ish) guy. :grin:


Hmm. This is certainly interesting, I like the teaser. I do have a question though: what’s the conflict of the story?


now i can’t help but be suspicious about why the state of MC relationship with Blaise is the only hidden…