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Like plan that actually works against you can’t wait


which is part of the adventureeee!!!


personally , I don’t feel threathened by Blaise . She is neither impressive or scary or intimidating . I think the teachers are more scary lol then again…I’m kinda old generation , raised with the ‘respect your elder , respect your teachers always!’’ . :sweat_smile:


I’m not intimidated either, but i do love the potential they have for being the mc’s rival, so this is what i’m hoping for, but also nothing says that our roomates could not end up as our rivals too, that would be very interesting, considering their personalities some of them are more direct while others would use underhands methods


I like to think all the avaible romances have the potentiel to be a rival . They all have their preferences and skill and goal in this school .


Mara has a sweet spot for Power hungry charismatic and ambitious ro that loves vengeance. Sort of ms mr Smith also a mean couple is cool. I am no naive I just want a spicy hate love romance and became a powerful couple If not I will destroy Blaise


This is fiction. As a reader, I am well aware that IRL Blaise will be one of my avoid person list but since this is fiction and the author put them in the story might as well see how they are going to be developed. I see the sentiment why this is questionable.

For example like Loki. He always been a fan favorite even though he had cause the attack of Asgard and NY, killed people and such. It’s the same sentiment with Blaise. Readers think Blaise deserves a second chance while others, it’s for RPing purpose and see what kind of character they are.


Well… technically the matter was solved , no harm go to MC and to hold a grudge against someone is tiresome , it is a burden to even think of how to revenge on someone as we couldn’t concentrate on other important matter if we do that…

To feel sorry is a common emotion , under different circumstance things might be different … take this example in my working place there was someone like Blaise who was good in office politic until it back fire one day , the day she left …she had the courtesy to say goodbye to me which was a surprise , and the mutual response was that i said i feel sorry to see her leaving … honestly no one was thinking of dancing that day :wink:


and you drooling over Blaise…has nothing to do with it…:smirk:…huhuh…:joy:


Blaise wasn’t even my Romance Option… Lol :-):joy:

I am more interested in Hartmann , simply because i didn’t had a chance to become a prefect in my life and had never the opportunity to befriend one before :slight_smile:


Gasp she wasn’t ? I’m shooooooooocked…and it make it worse actually lol at least then it be Legitimate …

now…it just Kumbaya mah Lord…strike again lol :wink:


I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree when it comes to Blaise then.




Weekly update: December, Week 1

Week’s Wordcount: 6989 words
Total Wordcount: 181K words

Here we see the author rising feebly from the depths of a horrible cough and a deadline… waves limply

What I’ve been doing:

-Writing Chapter 6: a behemoth of a thing, over 30,000 words, that still took less time than Chapter 5. I’m not entirely sure why - I think NaNoWriMo helped my motivation, as did the impending deadline, and also planning it backwards rather than beginning to end.

-Chapter 6 has: 8 romantic one-on-one dates, 1 romantic polyamorous date, and 6 friend-dates. It also has some menial labour and descriptions of cake.

-Spellchecking Chapters 5 and 6: an underrated activity, but important. There will still be more typos - because of course there will.

-Playtesting and editing/bugfixing Chapters 5 and 6, which is one reason why I’m so sleepy today. Yesterday I did two playtests myself and this morning I did … eight, I think? Happily, I found few bugs, most of which weren’t code-related. (There will be some still at beta, of course - see the typo note above.) The most complex one was to do with code determining which love interest (if any) has the highest relationship with the PC, out of a selected bunch of the romanceable characters. If one of the selection isn’t there, it swaps over to testing who of the selection you’re platonically closest to. The bug: if you weren’t romancing one of the selection, the code would default to Hartmann. Which isn’t ideal if you’re someone who isn’t romancing Hartmann, doesn’t want to hang out with Hartmann, or would rather jump in the lake than be anywhere near Hartmann.

I digress. It is fixed, as far as I can tell. The big achievement is the reason why I waited for today to do my update, which is that…

-Chapters 5 and 6 are with their editor, hooray! I took the afternoon off and got a massage to celebrate and make up for all that hunching over the computer. During this week, or early next week, I will start the chapter-planning process all over again for Chapter 7 while I wait for my notes to implement the edits.

Aside from the aforementioned cough, I’m feeling pretty good right now: the feeling of having met a deadline is always good. And I feel in quite a good rhythm and cycle for this project, I haven’t hit any major blocks at this point and I know what I’m doing next. Just going to try to make this next chapter a little shorter. And relax for the evening.


There really is something for everyone! :cake:


Blaise really exceeded my expectations for the sheer pettiness and meanness she was capable of, in the process proving herself no better than the pc’s parents that she hates so much, if not far worse. Mom and dad screwed up and hurt people, but had good intentions, or at least no bad intentions. Blaise simply wanted to destroy the pc and had no motivation other than spite.

She got what she earned. Not sorry to see her go.


I would honestly use her as a reason to destroy everyone…


In my mc’s case they’re gambling addicts. As many addicts do they took their fun too far and let the addiction take over their lives and my mc is paying the price for it. Blaise too, in a more indirect way. Blaise’s parents were also idiots in his mind for falling for his parent’s charming con-man act, as that never goes well and is quite transparent (at least to him, but then he is their kid and he knows their subtle tells).

But, yeah, that’s Blaise alright. Like I said before, Blaise is really, really pretty and also really, really petty. Still my mc does feel a bit sorry for them actually getting expelled over it when some lesser punishment to Blaise’s ego would quite likely have sufficed too.


I don’t know, I think humiliating Blaise would only encourage her to retaliate. I’d rather she get thrown out on her ear so I don’t have to sleep with one eye open


Is there a demo for this or is it just the teaser? As much as I’m not a big fan of the elite and all that this game really intrigued me and I have read the teaser and it’s brilliant and makes me want to read more! Keep up the good work!:heart: