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First sound amazing. What I miss you is a choice to Fake being polite and love parents while in reality you hate them. Due if my character is cunning and Machiavellian logically would not warn her parents what are her real intentions about them.


There are a couple like that - hugging them or being extra nice when you don’t mean it. You can also lie to them a bunch about what you’ve been up to at college and how you feel about your recent life changes.


That is perfect due it could help player with make a head canon. Not only as someone that hates them maybe for someone that loves them so they don’t want their parents get worried by their kid. Small choices like that could not look important. However, they helping a lot of building your character as a whole.


Yes definitely - I want the player to be able to make an idea of how the character feels about them, especially as they don’t get as much screen time as other characters.


Can I beta test the game please?


You can the link is public go to first post


The link in the first post is a short teaser from the first chapter, but when the official full beta happens, you can always sign up for it. (That’ll be next year sometime, so it’ll be a little while to wait, but the thread will be pinned so should be easy to see!)


Don’t do that Mara… It doesn’t sound like you…Lol :-):rofl:


Ha very funny like if Mara wasn’t the official charming poisoner evil power hungry character on forum :wink:


But you really don’t look like an evil person… i gather you joke around about being evil , but seriously i trust that you won’t have the heart to hurt anyone :-):joy:


i as person are a pacifist my character is definitely not one. As a role player my character is not me.


Weekly update: October, Week 3

Week Wordcount: 2249 words
Total Wordcount: 124984 words

What I’ve been doing:

-Having some rest time, which is an underrated part of the work process. Catching up on sleep, recovering from some medical bits and pieces, and getting back into my exercise routine. Also, more excitingly, going to see Heathers: The Musical - can that count as research for a social-manoeuvring-heavy school story…?

-Writing Chapter 5: finishing character interactions at dinner, writing a confrontation between a student and a starry-eyed admirer, and an in-depth friendship/romance scene with Freddie. I’ve just started another with Delacroix.

-Doing a little bit of reshuffling early Chapter 5 to make a particular character-focused scene play for every player. It includes information that is useful for every player to know at this stage, and it’s a nice emotional beat that helps flesh out the character. I’m also quite interested in reducing branchiness at this stage, because the rest of the chapter is branchy as heck.

Here’s a snippet from what I’ve been writing this week:


This excerpt displays the male-gender-expression text; there are other descriptions for feminine or gender-neutral expression. Other students approve or disapprove of your sartorial choices depending what style you go for.


Make the uniform flattering in the private Catholic school i had to assist meant up the skirt to the chest to be a mini skirt then wind make that girls end in underwear and with a ground time.
I personally would choose maintaining it but add posh value like jewels or golden brochures but my character is Ancient regime lol


Oooh, wearing some nice jewellery or something to make your uniform into a status symbol that you can show off every day? I like that! Consider it added.

(At my school we used to roll up skirts… and wore ties really short, for some reason. At some point it was randomly decided that that was stylish. I remember one time having to go to the science lab to have my nail varnish taken off…)


My school had a scientific lab well equipped that nobody used due nuns though that applied science is not good to children and more religious stuff about how gays are trash and make up is a tool to devil is super great. Seriously one curricular topic of test was How onanism and homosexuality are a illness and a way to hell.

Thanks god In spain that content is illegal now. But I had to suffer that and being forced to go to spiritual curses like being closed in a old monastery a entire day talking about how growth in Jesus. A entire day. I growth in my atheism really fast.

In galatea are lame travels or stuff like that?


There are some organised trips to the local town… No monasteries but some charity work that some students would find very dull. Luckily there are ways of sneaking off or weaselling your way into doing something more fun. There are also some fancy parties that are held outside the school.

If it was in the scope of the game I would have included something like a residential travelling trip, but that would be a bit much to fit in with everything else I have planned. Maybe for a future project…


If games sell well I really would pay for a IAP with a travel or dates with characters I really thing is a way to maximize profit to something you know sells I would pay 2 or 3 euros to a expanded content to game I think is a way to make further profit very good for fans and author


Well… there are standard Safety, Risk and Hazard rules when we are practising or working in a science lab, depends on the nature of the lab, whether it is chemical, biological or electronic lab
Here is an example of the rules
It is to ensure the safety and minimise the hazard while working in the lab…
For electronic lab, rubber shoes had to be wear to avoid electrical shock :slight_smile:
And all sort of jewelries like bracelets and necklaces are not permitted to wear in electronic lab due to their condouctivity of electricity …


Hmm… jewelry, like an earring could work for male mc’s too. Apart from that, you can always leave an extra shirt button undone if you’ve got the physique for it. Lastly, in some silly movies about more contemporary and for some reason uniformed elite (American) prep schools, there’s always one guy who seems to wear his cowboy boots over his pants. So perhaps wearing nice boots in a way that shows them off might be another one for guys. :thinking: One final thing that came to mind is maybe a unique scarf or something like that.


This game is set in a alternative Victorian age lol no electronic devices and electric stuff in schools and no safety rules. So jewellery and that was like a must between nobles in Spain we have the said Antes muerta que sencilla. that can be translated like Better be dead that look plain and simple