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Doesnt change anything, they’ll still be your parents, also don’t think killing people will be in this.


It changes the perception and avoid they keeping making mistakes and put me in debt. And It was a simple question


Not in a death way, but I see the appeal of wanting them to get some comeuppance! You’ll probably be able to disown them or something like that to make sure they’re totally disconnected to you, and there isn’t any risk that they can access any money you make in the future. You’ll likely be able to call them out publicly as well. I’m hoping to tread a line of allowing the player to have positive/forgiving feelings about the parents as well as being angry/unforgiving about them!


That’s cool idea is a balanced choice in design


Weekly update: September, Week 4

Week Wordcount: 10050 words
Total Wordcount: 113575 words
Average Playthrough: 23057 words

This is the highest volume of work I’ve done in a week for months. It’s probably not going to be this high for a while (or ever…), but I’m very glad to have got so much done!

What I’ve been doing:
-Edited the early chapters a tiny bit regarding gender expression in response to people’s feedback - it’s now updated!

-Writing Chapter 4 … and have finished the current Chapter 4 draft as of today! This week has involved a lot of darling-killing - the branching was getting ridiculous and the chapter would have been absurdly giant if I’d carried on the way I’d planned; as it is, it’s longer than any of the others in the project - finishing up scenes about the winter holidays, and expanding a selection of romantic and friendship character-focused scenes.

-Planning Chapter 5 and starting to put a code skeleton together. This chapter’s going to be about clique politics and goals … and various characters going a bit off the rails.

-Making the September teaser, which is now up! 73 Stretfield Park is a short interactive story about the worst day of Blaise Marechal’s life. Enjoy!


Lovely short story… feel guilty for being a bit of a ass to Blaise now. :disappointed: I think the idea of seeing stories from different perspectives for a bit helps to flesh them out and stop them from being unknowable or too disliked.


Absolutely loved the short story!


Loved the short story! It really sheds a lot of light on why Blaise was so awful to us…


I am just more determined to romance and destroy her live… same time Is confusing.


owww i always wanted to play something like that, thanks.


I certainly wouldn´t be opposed to getting to see Max´s perspective some time too. :grin:

I´m torn between that sentiment and ¨serves the stuck-up little prick right¨. In any case it´s the parents who made the stupid decisions, not the mc or Blaise. My mc considers that whole feud pointless but he certainly isn´t going to let Blaise walk all over him either.


Thing is, there is the option in which Blaise says we should blame the family, hence if we go along that mindset, by extension, they’ll blame us, even if we didn’t do anything. I do agree with you about how do deal with them; don’t cause too much of an issue with them (maybe indirectly cause them to lose face) except for trivial matters. (I mean really, argue with me over a bed ?)


Do You know what I miss? A choice to say look My parents are shit , I will take revenge of them and repay all their misdeeds.

I think somebody who hates they parents would blame them hard. I would romance Blaise with a rivalry at the beginning.


Opening up the poll for the October teaser!

Which teacher would you like an interactive short story about for October?

  • Mr Blanchard
  • Miss Dalca
  • Mr Griffith
  • Lady Renaldt

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I would say either Mr Blanchard or Miss Dalca myself! I hadn’t thought you might do some interactive shorts around the staff as well as the students, interesting. Are you planning to include these shorts in the main game on release or keep them up on the website?


I’m not sure how they’d be bundled in with a CoG game as they’re a different engine, so they’ll likely stay on I may make a bundle of them once the full game’s released, though!


Great idea, they could make for some fun extras from the main game. I think the only other incidences I can think of someone doing this is Lucid with the Life Of Wizard DLC for Lost Heir lately, some alternative history stuff for Great Tournament and Jeantown’s planned Guen prequel novels for Morgana, Arthur and Lancelot (though the latter is gonna be linear stories). So it’s cool you’re doing it.


Will the main cast have birthdays celebrated during their time at Gallatin?
That could be useful for intriguing or steering relationships in certain directions.


Do you have a Tumblr?


That’s actually something I hadn’t considered! Realistically yes they would - for the practicality of writing, I’m not sure as it could get repetitive quickly. I’ll have a think about it!

No I don’t, why do you ask? (I do have a Pinterest board with a bunch of image/aesthetic inspiration stuff on, but it’s private at the moment. I’ll link it nearer to release time.)