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Real life me totally agrees, but my mc’s are usually much cuter and bolder about such things than I am.


Funny thing I am bolder in real life that in role playing. That is sad lol


My initial post that seems to have led here was not to suggest any of this nor to focus on the romantic sub-plots.

Your goals of allowing interaction with the widest range of NPCs during particular times of day and in particular situations is exactly why I think a “balanced” selection of NPCs would be desired for the initial play session.

One of the reasons most source material that I can think of for the social dynamics that this game sets out to explore is diversified is to lead to as wide of a range of experiences as possible.

I wasn’t just talking about sleeping and personal care arrangements - I was trying to focus on the richness of the total boarding school genre promoting your goals.

I still feel that once an initial play session has been run, each individual reader would then be in a better position to judge for themselves a mix (or lack of) of NPC characters that works for them. Until that first play - through, I don’t think any of us would be able to suss out what would and wouldn’t work for us based on the sample given to the point where the choice is presented.


@idonotlikeusernames - I did not mean to leave out an all guy selection in my post as a choice.

end of side bar.


Oh absolutely! I didn’t think you were suggesting that - just wanted to clarify and expand on what my thinking was behind the dorm arrangements. I’m still considering adding an option where there’s an equal spread of dormmate genders as you suggested :blush:


In fact I did not read your comment previous put mine. I think that share bedroom in a teenage years is something should be explored in a game as is interesting.

However, Is a very conflicting situation both in real life and in fiction. I never thought about a cog having stuff as voyeur or that still The sense of danger is there in my consciousness somehow. As is something that for some people is very very uncomfortable. Probably due childhood and Teens traumatic stress event as bullying.
That’s why I suggest a disclaimer and a warning in final product.

I personally has no issues as play gay or lesbian or nb


Just on the co-ed accommodation- Backpacker dorms are frequently co-ed (other end of the monetary spectrum I know, but co-ed dorms are not unheard of and usually people behave themselves, especially if there’s others around they have to continue to work with!) I know I had far more problems with people doing annoying things like letting mosquitoes into shared bathrooms or leaving a mess in the kitchen, than ever having issues with seeing anything in appropriate.


i don’t think that is the word is appropriate for this Mara
One obtaining sexual gratification from observing unsuspecting individuals who are partly undressed, naked, or engaged in sexual acts; broadly : one who habitually seeks sexual stimulation by visual means
2 : a prying observer who is usually seeking the sordid or the scandalous
I don’t think these high class kids are like that, but I respect and understand your discomfort, but I do feel that girls only dorms and vice versa are heteronormative and as someone who had to share a room with girls a lot of times(girls I didn’t know) there are a lot of things girls do to other girls that can be considered harassment, but are overlooked because it’s seen as a “myth” so I wouldn’t be comfortable in a all female dorm.
There could be like a mention that mcs parents send them late so the school board had to make late sleeping arrangements for the mc.
As for the author defining canon genders for the ros, I must admit that I prefer choosing, since having them choosing by the author in the first playthrough and to choose in the other feels kinda fake, I choose the random on my 1st run and now I can only see Freddie as nb, and day the author on the first play decides that Freddie is a girl and then if I replay (not everyone plays the same game more than once) I can choose their genders, I don’t see the point of the canon then if in the end we can choose anyway, sorry if I’m being rude that is never my intention


No I know that was the meaning and it was the word I was using. I know this game doesn’t have anything like Voyeurism etc etc What I was thinking is in stuf far more aggressive but no needed to comment about that due This game is a Cog game and Cog is a positive attitude towards gender identity and equality. Thanks again to the company for that. Makes impossible anything like that happening.
Still I feel uncomfortable sharing bedroom with males I don’t know. That’s why I asked the author about it. I understand Their reasons for it . And I have no problem to choose Lesbian to avoid the problem.

However, I know a lot of people who doesn’t want that so a disclaimer and a warning I think should be placed. I think is very logic situation


Weekly update: September, Week 3

Week Wordcount: 4602 words
Total Wordcount: 104768 words
Average Playthrough: 21279 words

What I’ve been doing:
-Working on the September teaser, and learning to use ink as I do so. Ink is great - if you’re comfortable using Choicescript or Twine, I’d say it’s pretty intuitive. It’s fun doing a short, less stat-heavy side-project.

-Doing a little bit of early-chapter editing, most of which is to do with implementing masculine/feminine/neutral gender expression. This was as a result of Chapter 4’s plethora of outfit descriptions, and figuring that the main character wearing a dress should be tied to their personal expression rather than to their pronouns. Have a look at the teaser and see what you think! Is there a better way of wording it? (My preference is to have only one *choice about gender and expression, as I want to keep the pace quick, but I’ll consider adding another if necessary.)

-Writing Chapter 4, as I’ve been doing for much of September. This week I’ve been diligently writing, testing, and cutting - trimming a couple of branches that I wasn’t quite happy with. They involved messing around in the snow, and rescuing someone from a hazard; I may put something along a similar theme in during a later chapter. The plus sides: it reduces scope, and there’s now a section that every player will see that involves a character opening up about their stress and - gasp - crying. So there’s an emotional beat that you’ll always get to encounter, and that character will always have that development.

-Here’s a peek at the start of a dance with Delacroix (note that the “showing off your looks” option is only available if you ask to dance in a flirty way; you can also dance purely as friends with whichever dance partner you choose):



ERROR line 150? not exist variable pc_female .
I personally found so many options together artificial. I would prefer a choice like say gender and later see myself in a mirror or something like that and check my uniform or make up etc and select how I dress and present myself. I found that more organic and natural.

I still want for a future a option of hate parents but fake being okay with them. But is a menor critic you could solve that later on.


Fixed the bug, and thank you for the feedback!


I also agree that there are too many options, I have a suggestion why not let the player choose what they identify themselves and clothes being a separated choice instead of feminine, masculine clothes, you could hay just the clothes description short skirt, black trousers, bright colored dress and use this to raise stats like the bright colored for flair, the black for intrigue etc


The gender/clothing options are well done. In my experience, it is wise to simplify your coding whenever possible. In this case the options were presented clearly, and in a way that flows well with the pace of the narrative.


Yeah, Totally agree. Due I was image my Traditional posh girl with something Victorian like petticoats gloves an umbrella and the complete package. I understand that cannot be a option define all possible looks. however Something you like to dress posh elegant design clothing. Or sport clothing etc… could help stats. and helping the character believe more realistic. And later on, the students could be in uniforms so that could let the code to a bare minimum and still give sensation of deep in the few moments they are out school. I at least find clothing and style a important thing to build my character style and way to present herself to the universe they are on.

However, I understand most people doesn’t care so maybe taht could be too much work


To make the clothes relevant and really matter, perhaps make the choice of clothes affect the RO relationship stats?

It is logical, different people have different taste of clothes, and perception do affect the opinion of others to us , like whether they like us or not :slight_smile:


Will we be able to evil and at some point destroy the reputation of one or more classmates?


Yes, as well as undermining them (eg attempting to take over the Prefect Committee from Hartmann). There will also be the chance to boost or undermine a couple of the teachers.


And undetermine or destroy our parents? As they are the first main problem against our fame and position.


Their reputation is already destroyed, can’t do much else to it.


They physical presence is a record of your tainted past . In Spanish there is a said Muerto el perro se acabo la rabia If the dog is dead there is not more rabbies.

Your parents or brothers etc that damage family or in church’s Abbey or asylums. And more commonly oh… they die what a pity…