Crème de la Crème Developer Diary and Romance Guide (Spoilers)

Oh for sure, that’s how it is in the UK where I live too - it’s just that the setting doesn’t consider it a big deal in the same way!

If it helps, it’s not a situation where they assign two or three people to a room. It’s an open dormitory with a mixed group.

If you really want single-gender housing, pick the option to assign genders when characters are introduced in the story, then make all your fellow Gallatin students the same gender as your main character. Of course, this will mean that your only romance options if you don’t want a same-gender romance are students from another school or the Gallatin groundskeeper, but those are still some pretty good options, and you said romance wasn’t really a big priority for you anyway.

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While there are no canon genders, there is a certain combination I do prefer. Listed in order of introduction:

Freddie - same as MC
Zuri - NB
Blaise - opposite of MC
Karson - Female
Hartmann - Male
Max - Male
Delacroix - Opposite of MC
Auguste - Female
Rosario - Same as MC
Florin - NB

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I gotta say, I love the story​:heart::heart::heart:and characters as well! But i’m having trouble of avoiding trouble in the school, and I really want to the achievement! But I don’t know what to do to have a school life with no troubles. :sob: Can you do a walkthrough how to avoid problems?

My headcanon genders are just the one that the machine rolled for me the first time I played, which are:

Freddie - M
Zuri - M
Blaise - M
Karson - F
Hartmann - F
Max - M
Delacroix - M
Auguste - M
Rosario - NB
Florin - F

Hi, I have a question. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but what exactly is the core appeal of this game? I’m asking because I’m intrigued to try it (it’s had extremely good reviews) but struggle to see exactly what draws people to it. Is it primarily a romance game? Is it a mystery? Political intrigue? Or is it just the fantasy of being a rich kid going to a posh boarding school? I don’t mean this as a jibe against the game or people who enjoy it, I’m just curious as to what it has going for it and whether or not I’d enjoy it.

Mostly romance and nostalgia, a hint of mystery. Most Crème fans find it relaxing. Sometimes it’s fun to save (or destroy) the world, conquer a kingdom, squash a rebellion, spearhead a political movement, or kill every vampire in town, but sometimes when you just want low-stakes enjoyment, Crème hits the spot. It’s not frivolous - it’s set in that moment of young adulthood when you’re expected to start making big decisions about the rest of your life - but it’s good gentle fun, with flirtations and friendships and extracurricular activities and interscholastic rivalries. It’s also well-written and has a delightful cast of characters.

I recommend trying out the demo, if you haven’t already. Then, if you find yourself wanting to know more about this world and these characters, buy the game. If “the fantasy of being a rich kid going to a posh boarding school” isn’t your cup of tea to start with, and nothing in the demo hooks you in, Crème just might not be the game for you.

If you were hoping for a more intense mystery element, try Noblesse Oblige, which is by the same author and set in the same world, but on a cold and remote island full of people with dark secrets you’ll have to play several times to uncover fully. If it’s political intrigue you want, another companion piece, Royal Affairs, is coming out in the next couple months; in this one, you’re a young royal going to a posh boarding school, and although balancing studies and social life and finding a date to the ball are still very much your character’s day-to-day concerns, there’s also a chance to influence a major political decision as well as get caught up in - or thwart - some sinister machinations in high places.


Thanks for the reply! I did try the demo but lost interest pretty quickly; maybe it just isn’t for me then. Although I’m surprised to hear that people find it relaxing - an environment where everyone bows and scrapes at me and where using the wrong spoon for my soup could make me a laughing stock seems the opposite of relaxing to me. My main thought was that the world was in dire need of a revolution, and wishing the story was about that instead. But it makes no sense to complain that the game isn’t something it was never supposed to be; I’m glad people enjoy it for what it is.

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Compared to having to save the world, I’ll risk a lifetime reputation as a utensil bumbler. :wink:

Yeah, this probably isn’t the game for you, and that’s fine. We can’t all have refined and elegant tastes, you know … holds pinky finger properly while superciliously sipping tea that was prepared impeccably by a groveling minion :crazy_face:

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Yes, the demo is pretty representative of the rest of the game so it may not be your thing - I’m not in the business of giving a hard sell to people who aren’t into the premise :laughing: (and no offence taken whatsoever! It is a very socially judgy game which won’t be for everyone)

Noblesse Oblige is more moody and mysterious, with less focus on people being judgy about social etiquette. Royal Affairs will have different kinds of stakes, with actions affecting the wider world a lot more but with more scrutiny from public opinion. It’ll put the player in more of a position to change the status quo of the world if they want to - an eminently reasonable wish!


Saving the world?

Insert picture of Zero screaming Sounds like Maverick talk to me!

At least unlike Mega Man X, the world isn’t on the cusp of a revolution, but it still feels like this game does have its high-stakes, action-adventure elements, except that there are Mavericks of a different (social) sort. :star_struck:

P.S. I’m new here, and I’ve only read the demo, and I’m already intrigued.


I’m wondering how to keep the teacher from getting fired? I’ve done it before in past playthroughs, but in my most recent one Miss Dalca got fired and I can’t figure out what choices I made this time that changed the outcome. Is there certain stats I need to have? Or is it the relationship or something else? It’s been a while since I last played it so I don’t remember what I did that kept her from being fired.

Pick to either protect her or get Mr. Blanchard fired. You can’t save them both–the difference is your motivation. Are you trying to save one, or put the other out of a job?

My motivation was to keep Miss Dalca from getting fired. I chose the option to protect her, I warned her about the situation, I told the inspector that she deserves another chance, and my relationship with her was at 64%.

What were your stats like? Did you have high Wit, Flair, or a couple other stats (there are many possible high-stat outcomes that lead to the rescue of who you’re protecting/the firing of your target)?

My highest stats were flair and spirit which were both noteworthy (flair was 67%, spirit was 56%)

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It’s been a while since I last played CdlC–but I feel like there is a choice to make an impassioned defense of her, which should work better with high Flair.

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I managed to keep her from being fired. I guess I chose the more calm option because it’s what I usually choose on my playthroughs, but my stats must have been different this time. Thank you for your help!


I love your story, Cremé de la cremè, and I just want express how thankful I am for having you as the author. I don’t think these stories would feel right without you writing them. I am trying to play all your stories,blood money being the longest because I’m a simp for magic building stories and ghosts.

I wish I was a tester for you so I can see your work in it’s pure raw state before the fine touches(Ik it sounds weird but I’m enthusiastic lol). I just really love your games

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It would be cool if you made a war story that changes the worlds outcome. The amount of detail would have you making a board with red strings everywhere though XD

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