Crème de la Crème Developer Diary and Romance Guide (Spoilers)

Hellooo XD
I replayed some of my MCs’ playthrough and notices a few small bugs


The Archambault uniform seems to change in Cdlc?

Basing on Royal Affairs,

Dove gray seems to be what it should be?


*Your sapphire-colored gown?

Summer Letter

Delacroix’s letter says he’s recovering in Northern Westerlin but Max’s letter says he’s with Delacroix at the beach


Delacroix got accepted to the internship but says “It will be nice being at university with you around”


Oh and I’ve read your Tumblr and the Cdlc ask about singing is actually in this Forum XD
It’s post #1270
Oh and just wondering, Rosario is said to love singing and performing for others but why isn’t he looking forward to singing on the Heartlight Eve?
Thank you

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Thanks so much for highlighting the errors - I’ve sent off the corrections to CoG. With the Delacroix and Max letters, you should just get one letter from your classmate per playthrough, right? (As in you get a letter from Delacroix on one playthrough, and one from Max in another playthrough) On your Delacroix letter playthrough it looks like Delacroix was sent to the mines so their summer is slightly different, whereas if that doesn’t happen, they go to hang out with Max.

I think when Rosario mentions it in game, they’re thinking about how it’s all very ceremonial and dramatic, and they have to stand for a long time - it’s less about the singing, which they’re happy with, but more about the slightly boring grandness of the occasion.

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Random thoughts on the OG Creme de la Creme; I’d like to see what other people think:

I find it a little odd that the CDLC MC can be a total tool throughout the story and still get a happy ending. As a matter of fact, just about every ending ends up being a good one for the MC in some way.

Now, obviously the world does often work that way where terrible people get happy endings, but I feel like someone who actively and knowing participated in criminal activities, especially someone who may be of questionable reputation and moral character, should at least run the possibility of a stint in the clink with Lady Renaldt– I bet their etiquette lessons won’t help them there.

I suppose the benefit of being a member of a royal family is that you can do just about anything and get away with it, though.


I think it’s because the CDLC MC is still basically a child, and despite the recent money troubles, remains ‘upper-class’. Say what you like, but the latter especially can go a long way. One doesn’t necessarily need to be royal to be unfairly privileged. Considering that the MC knowingly participated in one kidnapping at most, I actually think it’s much more likely that they would be let off.

Just look at Lady Renaldt. She’s an adult and the ringleader of the operation, yet the majority of her endings involve her getting away with outright villainy essentially scot-free. Granted, she is a noble, but it’s all a question of degree.

As you say, terrible people often do get happy endings in the real world, and I don’t think it’s wrong or strange for a story to represent that. Maybe it makes the story less palatable to those who like their tales to be morality ones, but there’s something to be said for a story that attempts to present the more cruel and absurd aspects of reality (and frankly, reality can get a lot worse than what we see in CDLC).


Doesn’t she go to prison in one of the endings?

One of them.

Yeah, this is really interesting! Upon reflection, if I was doing it again I might bring down more consequences on an MC if they tried to help Lady R but failed. I would also want to reduce the difficulty a bit though, or signpost more that This Is A Risky Thing, as I wouldn’t want players to finish the game with too much of a bad taste in their mouths (especially as it’s pretty long and you’d have to replay the whole thing if you wanted a more positive result). Maybe after the game’s events an MC might end up having their actions catch up with them!

In general I tended to err on the side of fairly forgiving to an MC by the end, as it’s quite hard to get Lady R jailed and I wanted to help players feel satisfied even if they weren’t able to make that happen.


Hello. I have played through the games a couple of times. I think, so far, I like Karson and Delacroix the most as romance options. I just wish the game had longer epilogues. I would really like to see how their lives have turned out.


The setting reminds me of Victorian/Edwardian Europe, which makes me concerned that the equivalent of the First World War might be looming on the horizon… So maybe not knowing is better! :wink:


I have had on-and-off Thoughts about a military or spy game in this setting! Haven’t pinned anything down yet but maybe at some stage…


Florin Kraemer would be such an easy mark. It would not be fair. He would totally chase after the honeypot.

But Delacroix might have some really good espionage skills in terms of subterfuge, deception and observation.

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@HannahPS I wanted to say kudos on this project. I found this while perusing COG for some writing inspiration. It’s positively fantastic. The attention to characterization, rich physical description of the locations, and genuine freedom for the MC to explore so many options and relationships comes together to make for a truly relishing experience. I look forward to your upcoming story, Royal Affairs. Have you ever considered the idea of doing a collaboration story project by chance? If so, I hold the utmost interest. Again, my hearty congratulations to you for such a magnificent story. I’m greatly pleased to have found it.


Considering how mentions of Florin in Royal Affairs alludes to them being in the military… this is making me nervous lol.


You mean Creme de la Creme isn’t a spy game? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Maybe they could stick Florin in the Mountain division. You know out of the way on some mountain pass.

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I have to say! When I first played CDLC I was astounded by how I genuinely felt like I had an effect on the story and how you can genuinely mold your character to have a personality. Ive only romantically pursued Hartmann so far, who I absolutely adore, but I think i’ll spice it up my next playthrough. The plan for my current was to get sent to the mines and see what occurs there but I couldn’t help wanting a more peaceful route again. Reading through this forum is a bit funny for me, because I didn’t help Lady R and I managed to get her imprisoned my first playthrough, though I only now after reflecting here realize it was a feat! To be honest outside of Hartmann, the LI available aren’t ones that have me enthusiastic, but if i’m being honest I pursued Hartman originally with the idea that dating the head prefect would be advantageous to me haha. I’d probably fall for all of them inevitably if I played their route. I Only really mention that to say; your writing is awesome and makes me want more as I read and make choices the entire story! Its truly lovely to be so genuinely entertained. Also to say, oh my god I am boohoo the fool because I already adore half the love interests in Royal Affairs. Asher is sweet and reminds me a bit of a comfort character of mine, Frank Zhang, Beaumont is deliciously brooding to the point I was sending my friend what was likely way too many voice messages whisper yelling over him. Hyacinthe is so cute it actually makes my toes curl, though liking them makes me feel a bit guilty in ode to Asher. Trevelyan reminds me of why I loved miss Dalca in CDLC: impassioned people with true hearts are great! Part of me deviously likes that him and Beaumont have a healthy rivalry too, if i’m being transparent. Speaking of rivalry: part of me is like Javi I know you have a crush on me this isnt the 5th grade you dont have to be mean and part of me is like oh god if i dont get along with them the political standings will turn to rubble and they just want to step on my foot LMAO.

Lastly, I just wanted to say how appreciated it is that your stories are so inclusive. A big part of what caught my eye from CDLC was how you had they/them pronouns as an option, ambiguous names or the choice of your own, and came to realize you’re just genuinely inclusive, even representation of asexuality and polyamorous relationships. It makes the story feel so welcoming. Beginning Royal Affairs and seeing the option to neo pronouns when they’re something i’ve considered for a few years now quietly in my head and a lightbulb going off as to why theyre so appealing to me was just… a big wow.


Not in great depth. @FayI have chatted idly about it at various points but the timing’s never quite been right and it would have to be the right project of course! (Also welcome to the forum and thank you so much for your kind comments, it means the world!)

Welcome to the forum @nanamilkis and I’m so over the moon that the inclusiveness is meaningful. I always want as many people to feel seen in my stories especially if they may not be used to that. People of any, all, or no genders and orientations should get to have boarding-school escapist shenanigans! I’m also extremely impressed that you managed that ending on your first playthrough :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hello, I’m really enjoying CDLC so far, but when I choose to directly ask Blaise’s ex-cronie if she has spoken to Blaise since the incident my manipulative stat goes up. I don’t know if that’s a bug or if I’m misinterpreting the choice. Either way, I love the game.

Just wondering, In which chapter can you cofess your love to one of the Archambault students?

@Sasukethegirl Sorry I didn’t see this before! I’m not sure which choice you mean - do you remember which chapter it’s in?

@Johanna_Halen You can start romances with the Archambault students in Chapter 4, by going to the Winter Ball, in Chapter 6, by celebrating the Festival of the Birds with them, and in Chapter 10, by telling them you’re serious about them. Chapter 10 is the point where you can try to get engaged to Auguste or Rosario.

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