Crème de la Crème Developer Diary and Romance Guide (Spoilers)

She (I) am looking to date Hartman to start…but Blaise…

Nope. NOPE. I refuse to be sidetracked.

Remy snickers behind her whisky.

REMY. Not. A. WORD. :angry:

I’ve heard that Rosario is the best to romance if the MC’s family standing is to be restored. Is this true?


In your parents’ eyes, it seems as though either Auguste or Rosario would be the ultimate choice.

They’re equal (at least according to the parental relationship boost in the code), but besides that I don’t think they affect your familial reputation in the epilogue.

I think in terms of what the MC’s future looks like in the last chapter, what’s more important in restoring the family name are popularity and virtue. Grades are helpful too, but that’s mostly for yourself.

Post-epilogue (delving into headcanon here), it makes a lot of sense that Rosario would be the best to romance for family standing! I think in this universe, you really can’t do better, socially speaking, than marrying a prince/princess/heir. :crown:


Hahhahaha XD Go Nikki
I mean you can always do Blaise on a second playthrough XD
What are your strength stats?

is right though take care XD
A lot of students will become evidently jealous of you hahaha
Also I didn’t realize until now that there is a hidden parental relationship stat
Thank you :heart:

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Thank you for the guide :heart:

Don’t need Spirit and increases Wit ( if Wit is commonplace, it will increase it significantly to reach Noteworthy I think) also maybe your Course Grade too? :sweat_smile:

Increases Intrigue

Ohhh, that would be interesting. Probablu just Wits but it would be interesting if it did increase Course Grade.

I completely forgot

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How’s everyone’s MC doing in CDLC (like the ending they got or how successful they were)

(Also, finally started on making Florin, Auguste, and Rosario Dnd characters. Florin’s either a Human, Elf (haven’t thought of the subrace), or a Half-Elf, Auguste is a Tiefling or High Elf…I have justifications for Tiefling, and Rosario is gonna be either a Halfling or possibly Human…or even a Dwarf. Still thinking about it)

OMG I forgot Karson. I should make one for Karson too!

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Truee maybe the increase in grade is just if you are successful in the overall work placement XD

Maybe you should try looking into the code
@violet knows how to do it :smile:
It would be easier I’m guessing

Oh and congrats on making them :heart:

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Lemme just be That Person for a moment:

This post DID start out as a developer diary and romance guide. Seeing as it’s gained enough followers to start discussing MCs and chosen routes, perhaps it’s time for those most interested in talking about those to start a new thread?

IIRC there is a NSFW thread for Wayhaven, and a wishlist thread for Fallen Hero 2 which was created by a regular member rather than a moderator, so a separate thread for the fans to have fun first and foremost sounds like a good idea!


I never really know whether it’s better to keep discussion of a game all in one place so it doesn’t spread everywhere or whether to divide it out so that they can focus on the different topics. In this case it might be better to have indepth MC discussions in another thread so that I’m less likely to miss queries or possible bugs. I’m not totally sure either way though and am not a moderator, and certainly don’t want to dampen anyone’s enthusiasm!

Sorry for the wishywashy response - today is a bit tricky for some personal reasons.


Yep, getting engaged to Auguste fixes your family’s rep, and romancing them non-engaged does too, as long as you aren’t in trouble for helping Lady Renaldt. Romancing Rosario, whether you get engaged or not, and regardless of any plot happenings, helps your family a ton.

Hartmann and Blaise were good friends but the combination of Blaise not being made Head Prefect, plus the family troubles, made Blaise a lot more grouchy towards Hartmann. Neither of them are super emotionally open and Blaise in particular is very proud so it was a situation where an honest conversation between friends would probably have fixed it, but they were both a bit too prickly to do that.

Gonzalez isn’t super technically good but is very enthusiastic and joyful so people enjoy hearing it.

Hartmann is OK and would sing in a choir but wouldn’t do any public performing in a solo or duet situation, they’re not all that confident with it.

Max loves to sing!

Freddie enjoys singing and whistling when bustling around the place but wouldn’t perform publicly.

Delacroix isn’t all that musical and if they were caught whistling or something, would be self conscious about it.

Karson has a nice voice and would definitely sing in a group setting given the chance.

Auguste is dreadful and will not even countenance singing in public (they dislike doing anything that they’re not at least near-perfect at)

Rosario has a lovely voice and was taught to sing from a young age - they’re pretty confident at it.

Florin is great at singing but rarely performs. You might hear them singing in the shower.

Edit: oh, I forgot Blaise! They are pretty good at singing, but they’re a bit self-conscious. Over time they might get more confident with it.


My rule of thumb is this: If the discussion turns into a back-and-forth between two people over several posts, then it should be taken private or to another thread.

A community discussion should have more than two involved in it actively.

Other mods might have their thoughts to add.

If, in the future, this happens again, please let one of us know.


That makes a lot of sense, thank you as always for your clearsightedness!


Thank you so much for answering :heart:
I hope things will get better soon too

Another friendship ruined in Cdlc due to miscommunication :disappointed_relieved:

I’m glad almost everyone has a talent for singing :heart:
(Well except for Auguste XD but they still have a lot of multiple talents anyway and a harem of their own too :laughing:)

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