Crème de la Crème Developer Diary and Romance Guide (Spoilers)

Oh wow. I didn’t know that being a prefect automatically makes Max the target. That also makes sense considering that I usually romance Max as a prefect (I just love the idea of romancing a troublemaker as a prefect and wondering what Hartmann thinks of it xD). Thanks for telling me!

With my newfound love of this game, I also made Dungeon and Dragon equivalents (or at the very least, most accurate representations) of the Gallatin students and made a campaign about it (basically the characters came back for a reunion even though Gallatin closed and Lady Renaldt got arrested, but the students except for the main protagonist got captured by mysterious people and it’s up to the players to save them!). I tried acting out the characters as accurate as possible and I think I got them down (except for Gonzalez). Does anyone else think Max would be a hilarious bard?


Yes! that’d be so funny lmao :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Aaahhhh this is so cool!!! I hope you had lots of fun!

@HannahPS Will there be Crème de la Crème 2? I would like to continue the adventure married to the princess rosario

Hannah’s newest project, Royal Affairs, is set in CdlC’s universe but follows a different main character! It’s technically a sequel, but maybe not the one you’re looking for.

If I remember correctly, I don’t think there are plans for a direct CdlC sequel, but I could be wrong / that could change!

Also, if you make certain decisions in Royal Affairs about your CdlC MC, they may be present in your new RA storyline!



I misunderstood one of the choices at a key juncture in the story, and I was wondering what, if any, changes one of the other choices would have made. To clarify,

MC was sent to the mines, from which they escaped alone, before making their way to the Great Hall during graduation. After he crashes the party, so to speak, the choice comes up for him to appeal to one group or other to stand by him. I mistakenly thought the ‘friends’ option meant the friend group and chose that, which given MC’s low Popularity, went nowhere, and by the end of the story, Renaldt went scot-free. Grrrr.

After taking a look at the code (which is by far the most complicated I’ve seen yet, lol), I saw that I had just enough for my clique to appeal to them.

Basically my question is, if I do appeal to my clique and they stand by me, would that make any tangible difference in the outcome?

As far as I know, it should have! If they stand by you, naturally your credibility would go up. As in life, the more people express their trust in you, the more likely what you say would be believed!

Lady Renaldt probably wouldn’t have gotten off scot-free, if you’d chosen appealing to the clique and passed the stat check. Hope that answers your question!


Thanks! That gives me a concrete reason to restart the game and try the same choices up till that point!

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Just a question out of curiousity, but what makes everyone ticked/angry? I read some of the Tumblr extras and I was wondering what would make them ticked off (sort of a pet peeves scenario) because I’d love to see their reactions :slight_smile:

If there’s one pet peeve I’m sure of, it’s that Gonzalez doesn’t like being a “celebrity crush,” hahaha.


Agreed :rofl:

After a couple of runs, I can say one thing without a doubt; Delacroix is a pure cinnamon roll that must be protected at all costs.


Oooh this is such a good question!

Agreed with @violet - that’s something that annoys Gonzalez even though they’re usually very chill!
Hartmann gets ticked off about a lot of things but I think the most major one is not being taken seriously.
Max doesn’t like feeling constrained especially if it involves physical discomfort (think having to sit in a draughty hall listening to speeches).
It takes quite a lot for Freddie to get cross but they don’t like people underestimating or patronising them.
Delacroix gets angry about people talking over them.
Same for Karson, they really don’t like when they’re in a big group and no one lets them get a word in edgeways. They also don’t like when people speak for them - “that’s Karson’s favourite food” etc
Blaise gets angry about … a lot of things? They’re very irritable - but especially about feeling ignored or downtrodden.
Auguste’s pet peeve is if someone has an inside joke and won’t tell them what it is. They hate feeling like they’re left behind on something.
Florin hates being ignored, or invited to something as an afterthought or because of politeness.
Rosario gets cross if they think people are putting others down undeservedly.

By the way, I’ve updated the first post of this thread with a big bunch of asks that I got on Tumblr, so if you can’t get enough character trivia, please take a look!


Thanks! I’ll definitely check those Tumblr posts in my spare time :smiley:

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Hey! I’ve been playing and there’s one I haven’t quite made a breakthrough yet.
I mean what do I have to do to be successful at the teashop? I only did it on my first play through, but after that I always did a meh. lol